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FTW #47 Recap

By GBHmichael - 22nd June 2017 - 22:59 PM

Welcome back, Commanders! Letís review what went down in FTW #47.

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With steep competition on the day, we saw Deep_D_Fantasy and Alvin_Tey Ė two previously far-reaching tourney-goers Ė get eliminated as early as round 2. The quarters were very closely contested with 3 of the 4 ending in 2-1s. Scraping into the semis, were EmpireNotOP(AA) and Moh.Kohaji on the top half, and zaar on the bottom. Dimon didnít have too much trouble, however, breezing through with a 2-0 versus zezo to fight against zaar.

And we were onto the semi-finals, starting in the upper half with an AvE between Moh.Kohaji and AA. Now unfortunately for any of you empire fans out there, things didnít go too well for AA. Moh.Kohaji showed who was boss with 3 quick consecutive wins, earning him a spot in the finals. Meanwhile on the bottom, zaar shocked us with an abrupt departure after losing game 1 to Dimon. The forfeit from zaar meant that Dimon would advance to play Moh.Kohaji for an AvS finals.

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Commentary by GBHmichael

In a classic RA3 fashion, game 1 started off the finals on Infinity Isle. A fast airfield was the opening gambit from the allies player and Dimon responded with a defensively-placed fast war factory after barracks. As the vindicator count rose to 4, Dimon was fully respecting Happyís micro by getting a 5-bullfrog response, knowing that there wasnít much threat from elsewhere. Throwing a hammer in the works, Moh.Kohaji followed this up with an mcv push through the centre after firstly building an armour facility. While MGTs popped up at the top of the soviet ramp with some infantry to guard them, Dimon knew he needed to react quickly and sold his mcv. Hammer tanks and conscripts grew in number far too quickly with the cash injection and eventually overran the allies forces. With no fall-back plan, Moh.Kohaji dropped the map, giving Dimon the first win.

Game 2 brought us to Fire Island. Once again, airfield first was Moh.Kohajiís option, while Dimon prepared for some conscripts for an imminent counterattack before moving into the fast war factory. As both players moved towards their expansion locations, the vindicators raised an undefended power plant and Dimon ran in with some bullfrogs and terror drones. Managing to infect 2 collectors with the aid of some conscripts for the walls, the allies economy was in trouble. Moh.Kohaji decided to move the fight to his opponentís side of the map with an mcv push to the centre and an MGT to pressure and destroy Dimonís 3rd. Dimon moved to the water in response, but Moh.Kohaji was not rebuilding all of his collectors, losing a lot of mining time. Dimon decided to march forwards for some heavy aggression with tanks and bullfrogs, while vindicators were once again, destroying the soviet 3rd. As the vindicators were engaged elsewhere, Moh.Kohaji had nothing to defend his main base economy and soon after it was no more. When twinblades took to the skies, Moh.Kojahi had no response and Dimon took the series to 2-0.

Moh.Kohaji selected Industrial Strength for map number 3. Keeping up tradition, it was another fast airfield from the allies and 2 barracks from the soviets. Getting some map presence, conscripts flooded across the map to distract the vindicators from the oil derrick engineers, as Dimon secured them both. Both players moved quickly over to their first expansion locations and took their 3rd refineries. In the meantime, Dimon sought to transition out of the conscript distraction, into a flak trooper army, while Moh.Kohaji opted for riptides. Now a 3rd barracks made it onto the field for Dimon, helping him to amass a sizeable infantry force. Moh.Kohaji tried moving forward for a turret push, but the infantry easily forced the retreat and chased after it for an attack. Soviet infantry overwhelmed Moh.Kohajiís small force and once again, Moh.Kohaji was forced to tap out. Dimon increased his lead to 3-0 and was now on match point.

Snow Plow was up next for game 4. For the first time in the series, Moh.Kohaji opened with a barracks as the soviets did the same. Dimon managed to capture the oil derrick on the left, but Moh.Kohaji decided to wait for riptide support before making his move. The soviet player teched up to tier 2 as soon as he could for access to tanks and then moved over to the high ground expansion. In the meantime, Moh.Kohaji was planning some sneaky tactics and opted to use his engineer riptide to slip in around the side and managed to force the sell of the super reactor. With a naval yard, an airfield and tier 2 all off 2 refineries, the allies player was not looking towards the late-game; he smelt blood. Splitting off a javelin riptide for a multi-pronged attack, the allies force rolled in. By this point, however, Dimon already had a threatening tank count and riptide/infantry army out of Moh.Kohaji got completely crushed. There was nothing remaining to stop the tanks from unleashing their shells upon the allies base and Moh.Kohaji resigned, which meant that Dimon would take the clean sweep with a 4-0.

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Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:

Congratulations to Dimon for yet another tournament victory!

Winner's Podium

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