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Red Alert 3 March Ladder Wars Tournament Results

By Croutonman - 11th April 2010 - 19:10 PM

This weekend March’s top 4 automatch players on the Red Alert 3 Ladder were slated to square off in the March Ladder Wars Tournament. Three of these players, ranked 2 GimmeSex, ranked 3 Latex, and ranked 4 badger1 made it to play this weekend and compete for EA’s prizes.

With iWin not showing up this gave badger1 a bye into the final round. The battle for the second finals spot between Latex and GimmeSex went the distance of 5 games in the best of 5 series. Here is how the action unfolded:

Latex vs. GimmeSex – Game 1

Our first featured match takes place on Industrial Strength. In typical GimmeSex fashion, he goes straight for the Airbase, tier 2, then the Cryocopter he uses so well. Shrinking his MCV, GimmeSex charges straight to Latex’s base but is met with a Defender VX, forcing the Allies to the water. Latex puts the pressure on early as Chopper VX’s decimate GimmeSex’s main base. With a flood of other units, Latex overwhelm’s GimmeSex’s naval base and takes game 1.

Latex vs. GimmeSex – Game 2

Down one game, GimmeSex decides change the location to Infinity Isle. Latex gets aggressive with a Dojo Core and a handful of Imperial Warriors, but GimmeSex fends them off with Peacekeepers and a Javelin Soldier. GimmeSex attempts to retaliate by destroying Latex’s Oil Derrick, but is met by a mixed force of Imperial Warriors, Striker VX’s and a Dojo Core to crush infantry. GimmeSex successfully does a few sneaky bombing runs, but Latex wises up and knocks GimmeSex out of the sky. A clash for the middle pits Tsunami’s against IFV’s and Mirage Tanks, which GimmeSex wins and the game as well.

Latex vs. GimmeSex – Game 3

The action then shifts to the Empire favored map, Battlebase Beta. Latex dominates in terms of ground control early and even takes out GimmeSex’s Oil Derrick early in the game. Latex keeps up the pressure and goes straight for GimmeSex’s jugular, his MCV. Once the MCV falls, it’s mere clean-up for the rest of Latex’s imperial troops.

Latex vs. GimmeSex – Game 4

The action starts early in game 4 on Fire Island. The northern Oil Derrick is the hotspot as GimmeSex captures it first, but is immediately taken by Latex then in turn destroyed by the Allies. Latex manages to capture and keep the remaining Oil Derrick and sends a massive force into GimmeSex’s main base, ripping it to shreds. GimmeSex attempts to rebuild, but loses his base in the process. With only his MCV and naval expansion left, GimmeSex flees to the water to the north and narrowly escapes defeat.

Latex vs. GimmeSex – Game 5

With the series tied at 2, Latex picks Cabana Republic as the deciding map. Both players make a mad infantry dash to the center of the map each capturing their Oil Derricks, but Latex wins the ground control battle for the buildings. Latex slowly moves his infantry to the northwest, destroying GimmeSex’s Oil Derrick. Ground control remains a key factor in the game as Latex continues to garrison infantry in the buildings along the southern coast preventing GimmeSex from making a valid expansion and stalling his future turret push. Latex further dominates the southern half of the land by destroying GimmeSex’s main base. GimmeSex makes one last push with a few Hydrofoils, an Assault Destroyer and his beloved Cryocopters, but they cannot beat Latex’s shear numbers. Latex takes game 5 and advances to the finals.

GimmeSex’s loss to Latex netted him third place in the competition due to iWin’s no show. With Latex and badger1 in the finals, here’s how the action unfolded:

Latex vs. badger1 – Game 1

The first game of the match is an Empire mirror on Infinity Isle. Both players start with a similar build order, but Latex plays much more aggressively snagging both Oil Derricks for a while. After badger1 reclaims his, he’s faced with a new problem, harassed Ore Collectors. In a game dominated by Tengus, Latex exploits his economic advantages and out-produces badger1. Badger1 makes an attempt at an MCV push with a Defender VX, but Latex’s shear numbers overwhelm him. Game one goes to Latex.

Latex vs. badger1 – Game 2

We head back to Cabana Republic for game 2, which ends up being the longest match of this event. Latex starts out aggressive again, but this time badger1 is prepared for it as he prevents Latex from stealing his Oil Derrick. Eventually both derricks fall and the dance of the Tengus begins. If you’re a fan of Tengu spam, this is your game to watch. After a few minutes of flying around and a couple large Tengu-filled battles, both players only manage to destroy one Power Plant a piece. Latex starts to play more defensively and begins to take the quality over quantity approach as his living Tengus gain veterancy. Badger1 expands north, but doesn’t last very long as Latex’s superior Tengus demolish the expansion.

Both players make back and forth assaults which take out not much more than one structure before being forced to retreat. Latex begins preparations for his final assault then pushes destroying a good part of badger1’s base. A second wave of Tsunami Tanks and Tengus comes in and eventually ends the slugfest with Latex emerging as the winner.

Latex vs. badger1 – Game 3

The final game of the March Ladder Wars event takes place on Fire Island. With Latex eyeing up a sweep over badger1, both teams capture their respective Oil Derricks in standard fashion. Latex, as aggressive as before, starts the fight by destroying one of badger1’s Ore Collectors and then his Oil Derrick. Latex goes back to the same Refinery and destroys another Ore Collector further crippling badger1’s income. Badger1 fights back destroying Latex’s Oil and eventually one of his Refineries. The game becomes much of the same slugfest as the last except Latex sells his MCV to further boost his income and takes advantage of his better economic fortune. Latex makes one final push, falls back to a counter-push from badger1, but Latex’s extra Tengus at his base surprise badger1 and force him to concede. Latex takes the game and the March Ladder Wars Tournament!

Here is a summary of the final standings:
  1. Latex
  2. badger1
  3. GimmeSex
  4. iWin
Congrats to Latex for winning the Red Alert 3 March Ladder Wars! Check the Red Alert 3 Portal for more updates on future Ladder Wars events.