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MoiGex's Tesla Trooper Strategy Guide

By MoiGex - 29th October 2010 - 22:24 PM

Red Alert 3 Community Member and September's #3 Ladder Wars player MoiGex has graciously decided to share some of his knowledge about his native Soviet faction. In this guide, MoiGex will be illustrating some of the finer points of one of the Soviets more underused units, the Tesla Trooper.


Many Soviet players are underestimating or are not even using a very important weapon in the Soviet arsenal, the Tesla Trooper. Tesla Troopers are really strong and unique anti-infantry and anti-armor unit with an advantage over other infantry as they cannot be crushed, except by a few units. Aside from having great unit killing abilities, the Tesla Trooper secondary ability creates an electromagnetic disruption field which disables enemy vehicles that in range.

What Can Crush a Tesla Trooper?
Tesla Trooper can only be crushed only when is not in it's secondary mode and only by King Onis, Apocalypse Tanks and all three factions MCVs.

Basic Tesla Trooper Information

  • Cost: 750
  • Build Time:10 seconds
  • Money Received From Cash Bounty:187
  • Secondary ability disables all enemy land based armored units
  • Can Be Frozen with Cryoshot
  • Can be sucked up with Magnetic Satellite.
  • Can charge up nearby powered or unpowered Tesla Coils.
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Tesla Trooper Against Infantry

One of the Tesla Trooper's most useful attributes is that they are able to one shot kill all infantry including Commandos. There are two exceptions to this though which are burrowed Tankbusters which take 20 shots and Peacekeepers in Riot Shield mode take 8 hits to be killed.

Tesla Troopers are not only good giving punishment to enemy infantry, but they take it as well. A Tesla Trooper can survive 5 Peacekeeper shots, 4 Imperial Warrior shots and 9 Conscript shots before they die. However, Tesla Troopers still have a weakness to dogs and bears which can stun a Tesla Trooper with Bark/Roar and Imperial Warriors which can slash the trooper with a Bonzai Charge. Fortunately dogs and bears still fall in one shot to Tesla Troopers.

Beware of Terror Drones
The Terror Drone's Stasis Ray will immobilize Tesla Troopers.

Mixing Tesla Troopers in Your Main Army

It is a good idea to mix 1 or 2 Tesla Troopers in your army. However, Tesla Troopers are expensive but their secondary can save your infantry from being squished by tanks and will disable any King Oni bull rushes.

Twinblade Tesla Flak Drop
Flak drops have been extremely successful since the early Red Alert 3 days because Flaks in mine mode will kill Ore Collectors or MCVs. Throwing in a Tesla Trooper in secondary mode will stop the Ore Collector or MCV and will prevent the unit from escaping and from crushing your deadly Flak Troopers.

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Tesla Trooper And Tesla Coil
Charging Tesla Coils with Tesla Trooper is extremely powerful and it will also make Tesla Coils attack on low power or without power, however this won't make Tesla Coil shoot faster. For example a charged Tesla Coil takes 5 hits to kill an MCV, 1 hit to kill Mirage, Hammer, Tsunami and Guardian tanks. As a comparison, uncharged Tesla Coils take 9 hits to kill MCVs, and 2 hits to kill Mirage, Hammer, Tsunami and Guardian Tanks.

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Even though Tesla Troopers are a bit pricey, they are extremely versatile units and a welcome addition to any Soviet force. Incorporating a couple of these bad boys into your force can help you dominate all sorts of ground threats through their hard hitting attacks and useful disabling of enemy vehicles.