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New Faction Guide

By ViperMkVII - 1st April 2017 - 04:16 AM

Greeting comrades! It's been a while (probably years!?) that we don't have any new strategy content, so now we are providing you a faction guide, containing information and tips related to Red Alert 3's three factions: The Empire, The Allies and The Union. We sincerely hope that you can improve your game skill after reading this article.

The Empire

The Empire is one of the strongest factions in Red Alert 3. People rarely lose when they choose this faction because of its unique characteristics:
  • Virtually invincible: Because of this faction's strength, your opponent won't be able to defeat you (unless you quit the game voluntarily). You should strengthen your will; never quit the game before it's over.
  • Advanced spying technology: The Empire is a technologically advanced faction which seems to be capable of deploying scout drones everywhere. It is unknown how they actually have this ability, but there are rumours that the Empire has some highly classified spying and surveillance devices. This means that the "Fog of War" does not exist for them, giving them the ability to inspect any place on the battlefield at any time and nobody can stop them. Some have even said that the Internet is under their control....
  • Special units: This faction is has fewer units the than other ordinary factions, and they may expensive and hard to build. Despite this, they are quite effective and very fast. Your opponents won't be able to catch your units easily.
Tip: Since this faction is invincible, it's one of the strongest factions in Red Alert 3. Consequently, it doesn't really need any tips! Just don't quit the game before the other players have and you will never be defeated.

The Allies

The Allies is another big-name faction of Red Alert 3. Although they are arguably weaker than the Empire (as less-skilled players will struggle to use them. And the Empire is virtually invincible), more adept players will often bring this faction to victory.
The Allies consists of various sub-factions which have united under the same flag, with the ultimate goal of achieving victory.
  • A diverse range of units: When the Allies' sub-factions joined forces, all of their units were brought to the forefront and made readily available. But as they don't all like being seen together in public, only a selection of their units are available at any one time.
  • As you're able to use such a diverse range of units, you can deploy a plethora of different strategies. Actually, as your opponents don't know which units you will have right away, it can lend itself very nicely to unusual openers and cheese strategies. The element of surprise is one of their main advantages.
Tip: As mentioned before, the element of surprise is on your side, but you will know exactly what your opponent can throw at you (unless he chooses the Allies as well ^^). You can tailor your build to your opponent right from the start, which could give you the early-game advantage.

The Union

The Union might just be the strongest faction in the game! It shares a border with the Empire, so their technology is alike; they're both invincible and have no problems seeing past the Fog of War.

However, the Union is even stronger than the Empire. They have additional capabilities, unlike anything the other factions have ever known. They're able to speak out to people who aren't even playing the game, spewing all sorts of propaganda with their strange voice instruments. The only downside to playing as the Union is that very top few players ever choose them, so we only have limited information about them. You even need a special setting to even allow them into the game! Yes, the Empire is invincible, but the Union has the ability to defeat all opponents whenever they want.

Faction Logos

The Empire (formerly The Empire of Sky Eye) is often incorrectly shortened to "obs".
IPB Image

The Allies (formerly The Alliance of Question Mark) is often incorrectly shortened to "random".
IPB Image

The Union (formerly The Microphone Union) doesn't really have a common name in RA3 as it's so rarely used. When anyone mentions this fearsome faction, they daren't use its formal name, but instead refer to them as "commentator".
IPB Image


The Empire using it's special drones, from 9:47 to 10:13 (Video by FFF):

The Union bringing victory whenever the player wants, using its special ability Telestrator:
It tooks me like 30 minutes to draw this! Because the "eraser" of Telestrator will clean the entire screen at once orz...


And, at the end, happy April fools' day!

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