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Red Alert 3 - Replays of the Year 2012 (Results & VODs)

By Couch - 18th February 2013 - 14:26 PM

Welcome RA3 commanders and ex-commanders!

Over the period of two and half a week GR members had the chance to vote for the replay of the year 2012. We wished there would have been more participants than 23 people, perhaps with more voters there wouldn't be a tie on the 3rd place. Go and wub these replays if you haven't yet. Congratulations and thanks to Kivi and Lictor for the best replay of 2012.

Replays of the Year

1st Place:
Kivi vs. Lictor_as
14 votes
Watch Sybert's and Couch's VOD

2nd Place:
Dingo vs. Tingu
11 votes
Watch PwnageMachine's VOD

3rd Place:
Tingu vs. Lictor_as
9 votes
Watch Czone's and DM's VOD

3rd Place:
Walf vs. Tingu
9 votes
Watch Sybert's VOD

3rd Place:
Lictor_as vs. Tingu
9 votes
Watch Sybert's VOD

6th Place:
Maniek vs. AriFerrari
8 votes
7th Place:
Walf vs. Yui
6 votes
8th Place:
Tingu vs. Kivi
3 votes
Watch Sybert's VOD

A Hall of Fame poll has been set up for 1st and 2nd place. Go ahead and cast your vote and make sure you wub the replays you haven't wubbed yet.

Player of the Year

Playing in five of these eight games and winning all except for one, I think it is a no-brainer to award Tingu the title Player of the Year 2012. Since his return to RA3 Tingu had a significant impact on soviet play style. He set new standards and went basically unbeaten for a long time. Congratulations.