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Player Spotlight: HappyWins

By XOUTH - 29th September 2020 - 14:38 PM

Welcome back comrades! If you have been following the C&C Red Alert 3 competitive scene closely, then surely you have heard about the player and streamer HappyWins, who is the winner of the most recent 2v2 tournament.

XOUTH, on behalf of GameReplays, has had the chance to speak a few words with him and brings you the complete interview in this article. The interview consists of two parts with the first part containing answers to questions asked by GameReplays staff and the second part containing answers to questions asked by fellow Red Alert 3 community members themselves.

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GameReplays: Hello HappyWins, thank you for agreeing to do this! Could we start with you telling us a bit about who you are? Age, general location, what do you do? Be as vague or specific as you like.

HappyWins: Hi, before I answer this question, I would like to thank you for this interview, it's so sweet, and I'm excited to answer all the questions. I'm Happy, My Age is 24, and 25 on the Hijri calendar which is what we use here in Saudi Arabia.

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GameReplays: Do you work, attend school or university, or do you do something else?

HappyWins: I'm attending university and studying Sharia (Islam) and Law.

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GameReplays: What are your hobbies, apart from gaming?

HappyWins: I'm a thinker; I give myself some time in isolation, to analyze and think. I also used to be a Martial Arts participant. I won 1 tournament at the age of 16, but now I only practice it occasionally.

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GameReplays: Tell us one interesting or obscure thing about yourself that we don't know.

HappyWins: I do a lot of personal coaching, and psychological counseling.

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GameReplays: I know you're playing with different online IDs.
Which ones are the most known, and do they have particularly interesting origins?

HappyWins: The most known ID is Happy, some old players know spymoom2, then mohkohaji, I played with it for 2-3 years maybe.
I've used some other nicknames for smurfing, only for a few days and then never used them again.

And I don't really remember how I came up with Happy!

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GameReplays: How long have you played Command and Conquer?

HappyWins: I played it when I was 7-9 years old, RA2- Yuri's Revenge and Tiberian Sun, so it's about an 18 year old relationship.

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GameReplays: Which Command and Conquers have you played competitively in?

HappyWins: Only RA3!

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GameReplays: Are you currently active in a Command and Conquer game? Are you playing competitively?

HappyWins: I was active on RA3 for 8 months, but I've just taken a step away to play another game at the moment. But yes, whenever I play I like to play competitively.

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GameReplays: Do you play other games besides Command and Conquer?

HappyWins: Yes, I used to play so many games in the past, but after I got married to RA3 the games just decreased in count, so after RA3, I played CS little bit, and at the moment, I'm playing Dota2.

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GameReplays: What is your favorite aspect of Red Alert 3?

HappyWins: I really don't know! It amuses me! I'm melted in love with RA3, and since I started playing it, I never really had any motivation to play other games. I don't really know exactly why! Yes I remember my very first game on RA3. It was in 2008-2009 but I'm not sure exactly. It was a network match with my cousin and I still remember the map and how the game plays out.

Then, my brother and cousin moved on to other games and they were trying hard to make me play other stuff, but I insisted on RA3. At that point in my life, I wasn't able to enjoy other games like I did RA3.

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GameReplays: Why did you decide to main Allies?

HappyWins: I like how each unit depends on another unit, and I also like how functional this faction is. There are so many options. I can shrink you, buy you, disable you, I can hide etc... I think this will give you more space to use skills and it's more effective than just doing straight up damage.

Kirov is so powerful and bulky, but it's worthless if I disable it on water or infiltrate a battle lab.

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GameReplays: What got you into competitive gaming?

HappyWins: My nature.

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GameReplays: Do you have a least favorite moment? For example, any major fumbles you can think of from your competitive days that you really regret. If so, was there anything you feel you learned from it?

HappyWins: I have 2 types of bad moments. First one is when I throw games, which was happening a lot when I was transitioning from mid to good player. Mostly vs Kiro.

Second one is I used to choke and panic in tournaments, so I have many of these moments where I lose to much worse players than me. So I end up not performing well, and throwing all the advantages I have.

And yes, I learned from the first one, that's why I'm not mid anymore and still working on the second one, because it's much deeper.

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GameReplays: Do you have a favorite moment?

HappyWins: There was this one fun game on pool party, where the very known expert Vindies was playing as Soviets. Using the 1 spy I trained to infiltrate his battle lab, I managed to destroy like 20 to 30 Kirovs of him. I'm not sure he was aware of what happened during that moment.

I also have 2 other good moments. One of them was in 2015-2016 which is when I was very active and motivated, and I wanted to play against the best players. A random nickname joined my room and I ended up playing with my full strength against him. I was just shocked and surprised at how good this guy was! Then we did about 3-4 additional games. I typed in the chat: "I'm surprised! This is amazing", and he replied: "I'm surprised too."

No matter how fast I played and how hard I tried, he still reacted to whatever I did, and it was very enjoyable. Later on I discovered that this player was the expert known as Dankal.

The second best moment is when the expert player Dimon rage quits. He likes to underestimate me and provoke me to play good. Sometimes he ends up succeeding to provoke me and in the next games you will find some rage quits of him. There is nothing more satisfying.

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GameReplays: Will you be sticking to one versus one competitive games or can we expect to see you in the 2v2/3v3 scene as well?
If playing with people do you have anyone in particular who you will be playing alongside?

HappyWins: Well, I've participated in 3v3 tournaments before, and I lost. I also participated in the last 2v2 tournament with the very known top player "m8sPika" and we won. So yes I'm there.

I like to play with Pika, since we can communicate so easily and smoothly to a certain degree.
I wish I could have the same communication level with Dimon, since I prefer his game logic.

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GameReplays: Was there any gameplay mistakes you would make and had to overcome in your previous competitive play?

HappyWins: I had 3 big mistakes.

The first one is very common, and it's usually when I have the advantage and I end up overestimating it. Consequently, I begin to throw the game before I really destroy my opponent's chances to win.

The second one is reaction. I was designing my play-style to be 100% based on reacting to what my opponent does. This makes my gameplay extremely passive, and still affects my gameplay currently.

My last big mistake is that I've ignored the timing factor for a long time. Because I was only thinking about winning and perfectly calculating my moves and tactics, but I end up ignoring the most important part of the gameplay which is timing. There is a lot to explain about this but I don't think this is the place to do it.

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GameReplays: Is there anything you feel you excelled at? Something that made you stand out?

HappyWins: I used to be much faster than I am now, but I still win players that are very fast, because I do some math and tactic calculations. And when I'm forced to play well, I let my intuition lead it.

But it's not easy for me to play my best. That's why some players think I'm on the same level as mid or good players, and can't stand playing against pros, because of my casual gameplay. When it comes to AMCs (All Map Challenges) or serious battles, I mostly manage to win.

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GameReplays: Are there any players who you particularly enjoyed playing against, be it the fun aspect, their ability to push you to your limits or another factor?

HappyWins: Dankal: For the insanely fast tempo of the game.
Harlen: I would like to play against this guy again. He's very serious until the end of the game.
Dimon: Because of the tactical structure you need in your gameplay to beat him. (watch your steps or you lose)
I can name 3-4 more players, but I'll stop here.

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GameReplays: Who is your most feared opponent?

HappyWins: I don't really see it that way, but for some players it's very hard for me to anticipate their next move. Consequently, I end up being uncomfortable the whole game. I won't mention any names.

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GameReplays: Are there any up and coming players you want to highlight?

HappyWins: I would like to point something out here. I'm very good at this. I think I'm the one of the first who realized that Pika and DDF will be the next top players. I'm not sure if they remember but I specifically told them back when they were still low-mid players.

I find some talent and smart gameplay in some very unknown players, but I don't remember nick names, and some of these people are not really interested in becoming a thing in RA3. So I'm not sure if we will have any upcoming top players soon.

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GameReplays: Any advice to players hoping to become better on how to improve?

HappyWins: Why?
This question is the key to improve. Why did you build a rax? Why 5 bears instead of 6 or 4? Why go to the water and not land.. Why?

Second key is to play right and slow, better than playing fast and wrong. And I learned this the hard way.

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GameReplays: In a few words tell us what you would change if you had control during Red Alert 3's development.

HappyWins: I think RA3 needs a lot of balance and gameplay improvements. There are many unused abilities in the game because of how the gameplay currently is. But if I want to point something out specifically, I think cryogeddon is 100% broken without debate.

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GameReplays: What would you like to see from the RA3 staff or the RA3 community in the future?

HappyWins: Grinder league, or the 1 player money challenge, since there is no AM (unfortunately). I think the long term events can keep the GGs happening.

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GameReplays: How long have you been a member of GameReplays.Org? What's the reason you joined our website?

HappyWins: I don't remember, but I knew about it from my cousin who was telling me that someone here is saying if you are not using conscripts as Soviets because you think they are weak, then you are a noob. Ten conscripts with Molotov can kill 1 Tengu with 2 hits!

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GameReplays: What would you say were your major roles in the community?

HappyWins: I'm mainly a player, I've started the idea of the 1 player challenge (example) 10$ for each AMC win, and I train and teach some players sometimes.

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GameReplays: Do you have messages to the community or shout outs to certain individuals? Do you want to thank certain individuals?

HappyWins: I would like to say thanks from bottom of my heart to Vindies, for all that he has done for the RA3 community, and I believe this guy put forth the biggest effort as a player towards the RA3 community. He really boosted my enjoyment of RA3. The same applies to many other players as well.

And his stream was the reason I started playing online (GameSpy server) in the first place. Thanks Vindies <3. And I'm sorry if I ever said or did something against you.

I also would like to share an opinion about RA3's current meta.

I believe the best level an RA3 player can reach isn't even close to the limit of the gameplay that humans can do. And the major reason of that is the size of the community and support. If we have like 100k players on RA3, and big tournaments with 100k$ and more, I think the current game play will be mid-good maximum. So that means the gameplay still has a lot of chances to further develop if the players are interested.

After this I would like to thank Rage, Chris and all the RA3 staff for what they are doing for the community.

Finally, I would like to thank you for this interview and for giving me the chance to say what I want to say.

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To read HappyWins' answers to the questions of our fellow Red Alert 3 community, continue to next page.