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Tip of the Week #50 - Cryo Powers

By Nyancrypted - 25th December 2009 - 16:29 PM

Since 1.11, the Allied Secret Protocol Tree as been altered and a new trend has started. It used to be the Allied Surgical Strike and Time Bomb combo, but now the main powers selected are the Allied Cyro protocols.

Cyroshot Level One, Two and Three

Since these powers were not chosen as much in the past, some may not know what exactly these powers are capable of, so today, we present you with a flash to show you what can and can't be frozen by this potentially deadly power. This flash is more useful for knowing what buildings can be frozen because level one Cyroshot can basically freeze any unit, but some units have to be exposed to the Cyroshot longer than others. For example take the Shogun Battleship, level one can freeze it but only if the Shogun is exposed to the full duration of the Cyroshot.

Techniques for using these Cyro-powers

Dispersing enemy units

The Cyroshot can be used defensively to make your opponent spread out his attack force allowing you to pick off units easier. It can also be used to redirect enemy troops into taking a particular path which can be used to entrap units. One particular example is to fire a Cryoshot behind enemy lines, cutting off any form of escape from an ensuing battle. Another would be using the Cryoshot to prevent your opponent from garrisioning a structure like in the picture below.

IPB Image
The blue player uses a Cryoshot to prevent green's Peacekeepers from garrisoning a structure.

Picking off Power Plants, defenses, and unit producing structures

The level one Cyroshot can be used to freeze Power Plants and Barracks. Freezing the Barracks during a push, it halts the production of infantry and gives a greater edge over your opponent. Killing Power Plants forces your opponent to waste money on power which in turn helps in getting your victory. Level one can also freeze tier one defenses such as the Defender-VX, Sentry Gun, and Multi-gunner Turret.

Level two Cyroshot can be used to pick off Allied and Empire Refineries and Airfields and any defense structure, including Spectrum Towers and Tesla Coils.

Level three, Cryogeddon, can be used to freeze a large area of battlefield causing major disruption in the opposing force and can freeze anything mentioned above. It can freeze the Empire’s Mecha Bay, but neither of the Soviet or Allied War Factories.

Be wary when using your Cyro-powers!
They can freeze friendly units and structures! Don’t use it only to have your own tanks and infantry run into it and get killed by the enemy.

In all, Cyro-powers are useful and can be game changing if in the right hands. Aside from quickly being able to destroy units, it can also be used to re-direct the enemy.