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XMAS 2021 Brackets, Replays and Streams

By Inspector RaGe - 18th December 2021 - 04:03 AM

Greetings Comrades! In just a few short hours XMAS 2021 will be kicking off.

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The timer is on the home page if you need to confirm due to time zone differences and for all the details, you can check out the XMAS 2021 Event announcement article.

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Below are the brackets for the tournament which will be updated as the tournaments progresses. The brackets will be adjusted immediately after the check-ins for each tourney closes, and the seeds are randomly shuffled just before the tournament begins, so be sure to check back for official match-ups.

Double elimination

Turbo Round 1

Turbo Round 2

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All replays must be saved and results must be reported in the Double Elimination Results and Replays thread after you finish your matches. As well as tomorrow's Turbo Round 1 Results and Replays and Turbo Round 2 Results and Replays.

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Below we have a list of players who will most likely streaming their FPV or casting. If you feel you should be in the list, contact Inspector_Rage to get added to the list. Otherwise, feel free to follow the progress of the tournament below.

Vindies's stream:

Pika's stream:

Edvin's stream:

Dutcharmy's stream:

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Check-in threads

Check-in for XMAS 2021 Double Elimination
Check-in for XMAS 2021 Turbo Round 1
Check-in for XMAS 2021 Turbo Round 2
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