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June 2024 Ladder Wars

By Inspector RaGe - 4th July 2024 - 03:09 AM

Welcome Comrades! June Ladder Wars are almost here and with a cash prize.

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The top FIFTY players (including smurfs) from June's Ladder plus any player with the expert title will battle it out to determine who will be the victor. All these players will be automatically registered. Here is a list of the top 50 qualifying players which will be randomly seeded in a tournament style bracket on Sunday, July 7th Saturday, 13th at 13:00 GMT (timer on your right).

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There are two prizes available now, and it's 20$ to first place plus a random prize of 15$. You must have a PayPal account to collect.

The prizes will only be awarded if we have at least 4 participating players.

You have to play all of your matches to be eligible for the prize. Anyone who forfeits, is disqualified or does not properly and fully participate in the event, will not be eligible for the prize. Forfeited prizes carry over to the following event adding to the next prize pool.

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June 2024 Ladder Wars will be a single elimination event including a 3rd place match. Although there is no cash prize for 2nd and 3rd, you do accumulate points towards the Ladder Wars Achievement awards. All rounds will be BO3 leading up to the Semi-finals and 3rd place match which are BO5. The Finals will be BO7. All replays are required!

** Note: You must play on the community patch version 1.12.6, not the previous versions. **

* NEW MAP SELECTION PROCESS * Please click below to learn exactly how map elimination works as you are expected to know this information.

NEW Map Elimination Guide

Map elimination applies to the first game of every round. The process is to determine what the first map of a series will be, in as fair a manner as possible. If both players agree, either player can start the elimination, but if you can't decide quickly who should start, then the player with the lower seed number will eliminate the first map.This is what the process would look like:

Player A removes a map
Player B removes a map
Player A removes a map
Player B removes a map
There are now 3 maps left.
Player A will choose the first map to play.
Player B will choose the second map.
The same concept applies to BO5

If you can't decide who should start the elimination, the player with the lowest seed number on Challonge will eliminate first which can be verified on the bracket. If you don't know what that means, ask a Referee. Factions, including random, must be chosen before elimination begins and cannot be changed afterwards. If a player changes faction after map elimination is complete, the other player can decide to counter pick, do nothing, or restart the map elimination process at his discretion. The same map cannot be played twice in any series during any round.

Map pool, using 1.12.6 versions!

  • BattleBase Beta 1.12.6
  • Cabana Republic 1.12.6
  • Fire Island 1.12.6
  • Industrial Strength 1.12.6
  • Infinity Isle 1.12.6
  • Snow Plow 1.12.6
  • Temple Prime 1.12.6

Fair Play

All general Fair Play Rules apply. If a reminder is necessary, you will be disqualified if you use any of the bugs or exploits.

1. Allies can deploy structures around an outpost before it is finished deploying.
2. There is an exploit that allows units to fire out of Japan's Sudden Transport.
3. Allied Peacekeepers can shoot the ground next to a wall and the splash damage will go through the wall to damage nearby structures.
4. Using the bug where dolphin splash damage can hit land structures near the water if you use force-firing.
5. Shrinked MCVs being able to crush units.
6. Intentional DC's or game crashing
7. Invisible infantry glitch.
8. Using Transformers to land on enemy buildings.
9. Building structures on top of infantry.
10. Using point defense drones on stacked tengus.
11. Proton Collider + Nanoswarm exploit.
12. Infantry Garrison ‘ghost’ bug.
13. Chronosphere/Frozen units exploit.
14. Blackout Missile infinite range exploit.
15. Aircraft instant-turn exploit.
16. Capturing sniped vehicles with anything other than infantry. Includes bears, dogs, burst drones, terror drones and other vehicles.
17. Peacekeepers fast shooting exploit.


The check-in period will be between 13:00 and 13:55 GMT, at which point the brackets will be drafted and made official. There will be an official check-in thread that will open at 13:00. To check-in: simply post in the check-in thread and include your in-game name if it's different than your forum name. If you check in and you don't participate, you may be banned from any Red3.org tournaments for 30 days. If you can't play, don't check-in. Only players that are registered will be allowed to check-in. Only checked in players will be in the bracket. If you have a situation that would cause you to not be able to check-in, but you can still participate then message Inspector RaGe.

You will have 15 minutes to begin your games after the brackets are posted. Brackets will likely be posted by 14:00, but this depends on how late players check-in. You must start your games by 14:15 or you will be disqualified.

If you're early then you're on time. If you're on time then you're late. And if you're late you're disqualified!

There is simply no fun in sitting around waiting on people, so the 15 minutes is the maximum grace period allowed in between all rounds. Failure to appear at any stage of the event will result in a forfeit. Extreme circumstances can be discussed with event staff.

If you need to take a break in between games, inform your opponent and the Referee. At most, five minute breaks will be allowed and only if needed. Maximum one break per round. If a player is found to be abusing this freedom or failing to inform the necessary parties or not returning on time, you will be disqualified at Referee discretion.


As live streams and casts are an important part of GameReplays.org events, if a streamer wants to observe a game, the players must allow at least 1 attempt. If the game has just started and either player feels like it is unplayable, they reserve the right to leave the game and request a replay with the streamer observing using the live replay tool. If unplayable lag starts mid-game, then the players can request the streamer leave ONLY if they are running the live replay tool.

If, and only if, the live replay tool fails to work for whatever reason, the streamer can request the players to submit the replays one at a time as completed direct to the streamer through agreed means (e.g. Skype).

Failure to comply with any of the above can lead to a match forfeit or disqualification from the current and/or future events.

Again, match-ups will be completely random as the seeds will be shuffled shortly after officially closing check-ins, so make sure you are viewing the official bracket before starting your matches.

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