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Player Spotlight: Inspector RaGe

By Claymore92 - 3rd March 2020 - 16:58 PM

Welcome back Comrades! If you have been following the C&C Red Alert 3 closely then surely you have heard of Inspector RaGe who has hosted numerous events (tournaments and ladder wars) for Red Alert 3 as well as donated several thousand dollars of prize money for said events over the course of multiple years.

Claymore, on behalf of GameReplays, has had the chance to speak a few words with him and brings you the complete interview in this article. The interview consists of two parts with the first part containing answers to questions asked by GameReplays staff and the second part containing answers to questions asked by fellow RA 3 community members themselves.

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GameReplays: Tell us something about yourself - name, age, place of living etc....

Inspector RaGe: My name is Peter and Iím 40 years young. I live in Montreal and speak 3 languages, the other two being French and Greek. Besides video games, I enjoy gangster movies, MMA and Heavy Metal.

I got the nickname Pete the Heat pitching in baseball, then we started bowling and because my bowling ball was called a Columbia Rage, my friends started calling me Rage of Heat.

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GameReplays: How did you get into Command & Conquer?

Inspector RaGe: My older brother rented a Sega Saturn with Command and Conquer from BlockBuster back in the 90ís. Been hooked on these games ever since.

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GameReplays: Your favorite C&C game is obviously Red Alert 3. Is it overall your favorite game as well? What do you like about it that you do not find in other games or other C&C games?

Inspector RaGe: Iíve played WarCraft and StarCraft on top of C&C games, but none as religiously as Red Alert 2 (with close friends) followed by Red Alert 3, so that franchise stuck with me over the others. I also like that the story is set more in modern times compared to others.

Other all time favorite games include Final Fantasy 7, Daytona USA and the Street Fighter franchise.

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GameReplays: You have been funding and hosting tournaments for RA 3 for multiple years now. What made you continue your efforts all this time? What are your plans for the future of RA 3? Should the community be worried about you leaving in the near future?

Inspector RaGe: My love for the game and the community hasnít changed, so Iíll be the last one out if anything. I feel like if I could, I should do what I could to keep it running and I intend to do so.

Iíll be looking to increase the non-competitive events without disrupting the current regular events. This will be more for team games with some minor adjustments for LWs to allow for more participation.

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GameReplays: What are your thoughts regarding the remastered C&Cs? Are you going to give them a shot?

Inspector RaGe: There is a place in my heart for older games. Iíve been gaming a long time and still play some retro games, so Iíll definitely be checking it out.

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GameReplays: Do you have some message for the RA 3 community? Do you have something to add that we did not ask you?

Inspector RaGe: I wanted to thank the players who participate in the events and to the staff for all the work they put in to keep everything rolling. Feel free to contact me anytime for suggestions, ideas or even questions you might have thought of after.

The more people involved in the community the better, so if you feel you can do more by joining the team, feel free to contact me through PM.

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To read Inspector RaGe's answers to the questions of our fellow RA 3 community continue to next page.