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Red Alert 3 Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #52: Vindicator Splash Damage!

Saturday, 3 Nov 2012
Welcome Commanders! In this new edition to the Tip of the Week series, c9q9md delves into the splash damage of the Vindicator! A lot of players are either unaware of the nature of the Vindicator's splash damage, or simply don't seem to use it - so this tip will surely be helpful for all Allied...
Gameplay Tip

EotRS - Advanced Basics for Beginners

Friday, 30 Mar 2012
From the initial starting second through to the last, Empire of the Rising Sun are arguably heavily orientated around micro. This guide takes a look at what is regarded as some of the more advanced techniques employed in order to save units, hasten build orders, effectively place structures &...
Gameplay Tip

UotW #9: The Guardian Tank

Wednesday, 14 Mar 2012
Hello Commanders! In this guide we will be taking a look at the backbone of the Allied ground forces - the Guardian Tank! Like every other tank in this game, it is unique in it's own way, and it may seem to be completely awesome, or plain lame, depending on one's personal playstyle. So, do you...
Gameplay Tip

UotW #7: The Assault Destroyer!

Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011
Welcome! In this Unit of the Week we will be taking a look at what is arguably the most powerful amphibious unit in Red Alert 3. With enough offensive blow to make it a real-time threat all on it's own, this amphibious behemoth is also a very formidable support unit...The Assault DestroyerBuild...
Gameplay Tip

UotW #6: The Tsunami Tank!

Thursday, 1 Dec 2011
The Empire's Tsunami Tank is one of the most versatile Tier Two tanks in the game. This tank has a faster rate of fire compared to it's Allied & Soviet cousins, though it's damage output is the lowest (both factors create a damage output that is, roughly speaking, comparable to a Guardian tank...
Gameplay Tip

Unit of the Week#5: Spy!

Thursday, 20 Oct 2011
Welcome Commanders! In this feature we thought it would be fitting to cover one of the most unique unit's of Red Alert 3 with the release of Jonny English: Reborn...without further ado, we bring to you...The Allied Spy"Hello, I'm ready for the rescure team..."Basic Information:Tech Level:TwoBuild...
Gameplay Tip

Mavi's Video Guide: Allied Fast Airfield

Saturday, 8 Oct 2011
Hey guys and girls, today I'm proud to present you something we don't have very often here: Mavi's video guide on the Allied "Fast Airfield" strategy! If you look for an in depth view on this strategy to learn and master it, or if you have problems playing against it (you know the saying "It's...
Gameplay Tip

Unit of the Week#4: Striker VX!

Sunday, 2 Oct 2011
Unit of the Week continues as we evaluate the statistics and capabilities of this week's unit, many players find these units hard to use, or hard to defend against, this Unit of the Week will show inform you of all of this units advantages and disadvantages, this week's unit is..!Striker V.XThe...
Gameplay Tip

Unit of The Week #3: Akula Submarine!

Sunday, 25 Sep 2011
Greetings Commanders! Welcome to the third Unit of the Week! After a rocky road after the first two instalments, we are glad to announce that this feature is back & in full swing! This week we shall be looking at the Soviet Akula Sub' - a unit that at first sight is very straightforward, but may...
Gameplay Tip

Unit of the Week #2: Terror Drone

Friday, 5 Aug 2011
Hello everyone, welcome to the second Unit of the Week and this time you'll learn everything about a sneaky little creature, a deadly weapon of the Soviet arsenal. The Terror Drone! If you want to improve your knowledge on this harmless looking unit, go on and have a good read. Soviet Terror...