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Red Alert 3

KotH Match 6 - AlbertAlar vs Pr4ct1c3

#21Pr4ct1c3  Aug 27 2008, 15:43 PM -
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Ok people I dont really care about being called a noob infspammer no skill qq. But the quad rax bo is a fuckin joke tbh its WAY to low risk high reward.

And to the morons that think my strat is op. Try scouting before capping you will see it coming build some iw's and win the game.

And raulriera I played the game I know what I did and im not some stupid guy that goes all in without knowing he was doing it. Both KOTH games i played ive seen the players going quad rax bo before i go all in aswell.

Other than that zero pretty much summed it up.
#22raulriera  Aug 27 2008, 21:51 PM -
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