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Red Alert 3

KotH Match 7 - ChicagoHawk vs Pr4ct1c3

#11gds000be  Aug 28 2008, 15:09 PM -
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GG & wubbed ... well played both

nice comeback from Pr4ct1c3, cauz I thought the game was over when ChicAgoHawk took out Pr4ct1c3's ore collector early game
#12raulriera  Aug 28 2008, 15:55 PM -
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Pretty nice! as AGM said, the best game so far.
#13Darky  Aug 28 2008, 19:47 PM -

This was a really good game. Great commentary from AGMlauncher as well on the VOD smile.gif.

Little things make a difference. I.e. when CH unloaded his engineer on the same side as Practice's units were (by the refinery), when unloading on the other side would mean the engineer got the refinery.

That could have changed the whole game biggrin.gif.

Nothing has changed in terms of these 'little' (but LARGE!) things over the last few years. It is was differentiates the good from the very good from the very best.

pirate.gif pirate.gif pirate.gif (pirate.gif) replay (the old school people will get this tongue.gif)

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#14Pr4ct1c3  Aug 28 2008, 20:43 PM -
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w00t thanks darkz0r
#15viral v2  Sep 1 2008, 16:42 PM -
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that wa phun to watch tongue.gif
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