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Red Alert 3

KotH Match 9 - Pr4ct1c3 vs Thingdo

#1Pr4ct1c3  Aug 31 2008, 16:38 PM -
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GG nothing to say really. He isint that good.
#2Thingdo  Aug 31 2008, 16:40 PM -
No, I'm really not.

Tips would be appriciated.
#3Pr4ct1c3  Aug 31 2008, 16:50 PM -
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In allied mirrors dont build engies straight away. Use ifvs to move them. Other than that i made a huge post in allied strat forums Just read that post and u will find all my bos vs empire and sovs and allies really.

#4TerroR878  Aug 31 2008, 18:03 PM -
Well at least he showed up.
#5AgmLauncher  Aug 31 2008, 18:36 PM -


Tbh, the people who don't show up for their KOTH tournaments are probably going to be banned from future GR events. Such a joke to not be organized enough to show up for a 10 minute match wacko.gif
#6Pr4ct1c3  Aug 31 2008, 18:47 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
Esp leaving me like a retard training 1 hour before taking this game seriously. It pisses me off really.
#7AgmLauncher  Aug 31 2008, 20:15 PM -

Yeah, would piss me off as well. Cast being compressed as we speak biggrin.gif

Tips would be appriciated.

Your BO is what hurt you here.

Your BO in an Allies mirror should be the following:

Rax, Power, Ref, War, Power, Ref, Heightened Clearance. While you're making your second ref and researching heightened clearance, make a couple PKIFVs and an engineer IFV and either capture the oil, or capture one of your opponent's buildings. If you do it right, he can't stop you. If you're lucky you can even get him to sell off his buildings without consuming the engineer.

Once you've reached heightened clearance, make a couple guardians, then pack up and move your MCV close to the ridge and deploy it again so that you can build a third ref on the plateau. Continue making Guardians.

Also, be sure to send a dog to the ore nodes in the water and set it on an automated patrol. Start at one node, hold the ALT key, click near the other (you'll see a green dotted line to indicate the path) and while still holding alt, click in the green circle where the dog started off and it will turn into an animated orange line. This means that dog will go back and forth between those two points automatically.

If you see your opponent has expanded to the water, make a couple of riptides (don't bother with a naval yard unless he has made a naval yard as well).
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#8Pr4ct1c3  Aug 31 2008, 20:59 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
Saw the cast. u seem sort of tierd.

Nice cast anyhow. smile.gif
#9raulriera  Sep 1 2008, 00:23 AM -
Replays: 1 Game:
How long is this contest going to be?
#10TDA  Sep 1 2008, 10:02 AM -
yawn.gif game tbh, we must really do a better job with matchmaking post-13661-1143531603.gif.
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