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Red Alert 3

KotH Match 9 - Pr4ct1c3 vs Thingdo

#11Wiebbe  Sep 1 2008, 14:07 PM -
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Seriously, this game wasn't even a bit entertaining. No offense to Thingdo (or perhaps some offense..) but this really was no matchup what so ever..

I am just wondering, why would you sign up for a tournament where you know you wont have a chance to defeat at least someone? I may not be the best player, or a allied player but i know i could have done a better job microing my dogs and base at the same time.
#12prepare  Sep 1 2008, 16:24 PM -

dont bash him, the koth explicitly said that everyone should sign, regardless if they think that they have a chance or not.
if its one sided its not thingdos fault
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