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Red Alert 3

KotH Match 17 ShadowTerran_II vs Flamzypants

#1ShadowTerran_II  Sep 10 2008, 07:39 AM -
Replays: 13 Game:

um 3rd game...

tbh I havent played much against Empire T_T

so didnt even know that KingOni can crash Apoc ... ( sry about that )

i guess ill have to learn some stuffs about KingOni tongue.gif
#2Flamzypants  Sep 10 2008, 07:42 AM -
happy.gif It was a good game, aside from the effing interface which decided to sell my MCV and then my refinery later tongue.gif
#3Pr4ct1c3  Sep 10 2008, 12:10 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
Holy shit a good game?!?!?! no rush!?!?! omg ohmy.gif
#4Rancord  Sep 10 2008, 18:34 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
guess the fast (how fast it ever is) gave soviet to much time to controll the board. The onis are incredibly strong, but so was the defense of terror. Dunno if u sent reinforcements right away it could hav been win when u killed his battle lab maybee.
#5Nostredeus  Sep 10 2008, 20:21 PM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Watching ^^
#6Wilko  Sep 12 2008, 00:27 AM -
Replays: 22 Game:

so didnt even know that KingOni can crash Apoc ... ( sry about that )

It can't wink.gif (it only takes out half HP of an APOC)

Nice Bug-Using by Flamzy thumb.gif
Won him almost the game lol

Wth is EA doing tho

The Cash Bounty bug is known since 1.00
and the Oni Bug is know since 1.02
And they dint fix it yet

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#7Mr Vinegar  Sep 12 2008, 04:30 AM -
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Umm yeah OP empire.

Base defences are jacked up to high.
#8Immortal_Rites  Sep 12 2008, 04:38 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
umm what happened to the other Commentator?
#9IMZiggy  Sep 12 2008, 09:50 AM -
Replays: 15 Game:
Good game but commentating was not the best. Don't take offense but consider seeing a speech therapist if you enjoy doing VODs.
#10Wilko  Sep 12 2008, 16:31 PM -
Replays: 22 Game:
Commentating was good for me tongue.gif

But don't u guys rly know that this wasn't "OP-Empire" its was a "OP-Bug"
Onis r fine, but EA din't fix it in the last 3 patches
So the players abuse it...
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