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Red Alert 3

KotH Match 17 ShadowTerran_II vs Flamzypants

#11inAbag  Sep 12 2008, 17:57 PM -
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Nice game. Were is out old commentator? No offence to this one but his voice is monotone. Put some more emotion in it like the old commentator did.
#12Omega-1 MR  Sep 12 2008, 20:10 PM -
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The old commentator was AgmLauncher and the new one is Echo. What I like more about Echo's commentary is that he focuses more on build orders, which I personally find more interesting than watching dog barking. happy.gif

As for the game, nice to see some Tier-3 action, I'm glad Flamzy went there straight away! But the Onis did do a LOT of damage... wacko.gif
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#13Phantom  Sep 13 2008, 04:07 AM -
Lol at the Oni bug laugh.gif.

Would've been a very different game imo if it weren't for the interface lag Flamzy mentioned.
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