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Red Alert 3

KotH Match 21 - iaguz vs ScrinCommando

#1iaguz  Sep 14 2008, 03:49 AM -
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Fun fact, this is actually the second time we played this game. In the first game, Scrin's Comp conveniently crashed mere seconds after my victory was cemented, and the replay files were corrupted. After consulting Echo, we agreed to play the game again for the joy of our viewers out there. Fortunately, despite Scrin picking random (twice), he got Empire again (same colour too), and we executed more or less the same strategies. It was almost the same game really, which was lucky for all of us.


NOTE, the strat I use here is called "Flak Attack", and is noted in the Great Soviet Build Order Compendium in the Soviet Strategies forum. It's fairly straightforward, and with some fine tuning could be really ownsauce (although 1.6 might change this with it's more fascist height building restrictions)
#2ScrinCommando  Sep 14 2008, 04:24 AM -
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yes gg post-13661-1143531603.gif
#3Rancord  Sep 14 2008, 22:38 PM -
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guess empire still struggles with the recent patch chagnes to find their most effective strategy.

Very nice played. smile.gif
#4AgmLauncher  Sep 14 2008, 23:52 PM -

Cool game, I really like the strategy. You could probably make this even stronger with some tesla troopers, but only if your opponent is at T2.
#5Xenoninja  Sep 15 2008, 00:34 AM -
hehe Echo must be making the VOD now...told ya Scriny tongue.gif
#6ScrinCommando  Sep 15 2008, 00:46 AM -
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#7Echo  Sep 15 2008, 01:25 AM -

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#8FLASH.GLC  Sep 15 2008, 02:19 AM -
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Why do you call him aiaguz instead of iaguz ?
#9darktrpr  Sep 15 2008, 08:59 AM -
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iaguz himself stated in the first VOD that his nick is pronounced like that.


Why do you call him aiaguz instead of iaguz ?
#10Mr Vinegar  Sep 15 2008, 09:10 AM -
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mmmm Soviets joy

Could u of atleast did one Telsa Trooper TwinBlade drop for lulz.
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