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Red Alert 3

KotH Match 22 - iaguz vs Connla

#11iaguz  Sep 16 2008, 10:05 AM -
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Well, in Connla's defense, it was like, 8 am when he had to play that game. Admittedly, I had just got home from school, and was feeling a wee bit tired myself too (long, boring, and my last school year is about 7 days until completion, so there's a general demotivation going through our grade), but I'd rather play after school then in the morning right after breakfast.
#12inAbag  Sep 16 2008, 13:17 PM -
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I'm glad to see a sovjet king of the hill holding on longer than just 2 days. Keep on doing the good work iaguz. The Primier is proud of you. And for Connla...well...good luck at the Gulags.

Good Game. I know it's hard to get some die-hard games because of the time difference. Especially with Europe and Australia, there's a big difference.
#13NoobStylem3ntI  Sep 16 2008, 18:18 PM -
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I donīt know why, but the tournament feels pretty boring right now. Iaguz played very good with soviets, but if 1.5 turns out to be the "sovjet" patch and everyone plays sovjet in the tournament, its getting boring.

Also itīs always the same kind of strategy:

- Bears,dogs, engineer trys to capture the oil derrick
- Build the second and the third refinery asap.
- Warfactory(Airfield->twinblades), getting Hammer tanks or Guardians amap.
- Sometimes tech up or some harassment
- Player 1 have got more tanks than player 2.....gg

Ok, of course thats the way to play r3 correctly, but I would be very happy to see some equal fights between both players...this is just "noobbashing" like Practice said.
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#14Wilko  Sep 16 2008, 23:30 PM -
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Donno how good Chemical is
with matiz and brizz he has 2 hard opponents and im sure that the next matches get more interesting smile.gif
#15iaguz  Sep 17 2008, 06:10 AM -
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Ch3m1c4l game is a no-go, because of timezones. My 8 hour gap for gaming (4pm-12am, unless we negotiate otherwise, or it is not a weekday etc) is coincidentally his 12am-8am. Joy of joys! It's fucking horrible!

Matiz-PL is a Polishman though. Perhaps it'll be a bit tighter then.
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