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Red Alert 3

Extremely close 3v3

#1Vindies  Nov 27 2015, 00:55 AM -
I can't believe it turned out the way it did. Messi DC'ed midway through and that changed things up a bit. Wonderful multitasking from Jeromo ^^
#2SP32654987  Nov 27 2015, 16:48 PM -
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damn! I think the main problem here were the skywings, maybe some TDs to kill them?
#3Messican  Nov 27 2015, 22:47 PM -
It was a gg, but my computer crashed during the game, which made a big turning point. sad.gif
#4Eminence  Dec 2 2015, 04:50 AM -
Very enjoyable & entertaining game !

wp Jeroooomo smile.gif

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