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Red Alert 3

2v2v2 That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

#1Destructo  Nov 10 2012, 18:00 PM -
Replays: 126 Game:
It's all in the title.. Just watch and see for yourself...
#2wtfMEplz  Nov 10 2012, 18:05 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
this was insane to play smile.gif
#3Vruatsa  Nov 10 2012, 23:56 PM -
alright, will do!

*goes to turn on his other computer where he has installed the game and proceeds to download the rep with the hope of seeing a great one
#4JulzzZ  Nov 11 2012, 06:20 AM -
Replays: 43 Game:
lol gg..

who is red.. idk how he lost this.. but I assume he's not the same level of the other 5 in this game?

Anyway was nice to see a good 2v2, then having to deal with a massive force straight after ohmy.gif

Too many allies factions for my liking^^

wp wub
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