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Red Alert 3

Under Pressure VS lol_maker

#1LTLaimis  Apr 13 2017, 14:54 PM -
That moment when you say gg too early and decide to play few more seconds ohmy.gif
#2{DO}-LiquidOCELOT  Apr 15 2017, 08:57 AM -
why lolmaker kept trying to go tier3 omg he spend so much like 2500 for that structure and didnt even go full 3 tier on wf still excellently played from laimis very very entertaining and if lolmaker would have spammed some turrets for extra protection i think it would be over even if he spammed some iws at end it would be over kinda like a base race which lolli would win still laimis using cryos extremely well a decent allround game with lots of action
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