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Red Alert 3

Command And Conquer Remaster Update And Red Alert Preview

Video Type:Developer
Yo guys finally we got a new update on red alert nothing new but enjoy news of Tesla tank in fully expected to be rendered in 4k pretty soon.
I could have chosen "Preview" in video options but i didn't categorize it as such ; let me be crystal clear i am not representative of Electronics Arts Company nor a member of the Community Council ; i am just a fan trying to share "DEVELOPER" side of things directly which he shared on r/commandandconquer subreddit ; i am a nobody and do not intend to be some body especially some one who would like to leverage and abuse fake news to popularize his Social status ; all news shared has been authenticated and documented for every one to see and is directly sourced from EA producer Jim Vessella Him self. Command And Conquer Name and rights come under its respective owner and is intellectual property of Electronic Arts and i am in no way associated or give my self credit to owning any of there properties.

Best Regards Commanders and hope all is cleared just wanted to take this out of the way cause i donot want to cause any confusion especially because some really good things are underway and donot want to ruin it for this lovely community.