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Ladder Open Beta

Sunday, 24 Feb 2019
Greetings community.I bring exciting news! As some of you may know, community member StrayHeart has been working on a custom 2.02 ladder for over a year. As it stands now, the ladder (working title "DodgeWars") is nearly finished! In order to ensure the integration with v8.0.0 goes as smoothly as...

February 1v1 Tournament Announced!

Friday, 8 Feb 2019
With the sassy cup coming to a conclusion, we'd like to announce our next tournament, the February 1v1 TournamentWe're aiming for at least 16 participants to fill a single-elimination bracket, with any excess being added to a backup list, however, should the signups pull in numbers sufficient for...

'Sassy' Tournament Announced!

Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019
New 1v1 Tournament Announced!Well folks, with the sun having risen on a new year, it’s time for a new tournament from a new referee! After hosting many succesful, and somewhat quirky tournaments on the 2.02 Discord, the self proclaimed lord of fanciness™, King Thranduil has joined the staff here...

Christmas 1v1 Tournament Announced!

Monday, 26 Nov 2018
Format: 1v1 Single Elimination, 16 participantsDate: 8th to 14th DecemberMatch Rules: Faction must be picked at the beginning of the tourney and will remain throughout; Standard Rules apply. Round of 16 is best of 3, Round of 8 and 4 are best of 5, the final is best of 7.The on-host player must...

Halloween Mini-mod and Tournament Brackets Released

Thursday, 25 Oct 2018
Firstly, the brackets for Denethor's Spooky Halloween tournament have been released! Click here to check out the brackets and track the progress of the tournament!!Halloween Maps Pack and Micromod has been released! Micromod contains new Halloween-themed main menu and music, will not cause...

2018 Halloween Event and Tournament Announced

Saturday, 13 Oct 2018
Halloween is fast approaching. With ghosts rising from their graves and witches flying through the skies, this is a great time for a Rise of the Witch-king Halloween Event. We're calling on all players to proceed to their computers during the Halloween period, on Friday, October 26th, for a full...

ROTWK - 2.02 7.00 - 2v2 Stonewain Tournament

Friday, 10 Aug 2018
Yeah it is time to do it.This time we are happy to summon your nostalgy. This will be 2v2 tournament on Stonewain map. Format: 2v2 Single EliminationPatch: 2.02 7.0.0Platform: GameRanger or T3APeriod: It start 01 September and last 29 SeptemberMatch Rules: 4000 Starting Resources; 2x Command...

AI Brutal Contest

Thursday, 19 Jul 2018
This time your challenge is only vs yourself and AI. For this summer we thought to create an event where all of you can partecipate without sing-up.Defeat AI Brutal in less time as you can on Ford of IsenPatch: 2.02 7.00Rules: No CaHStart resources: 1000Command Points Moltiplicator: 1XYou can...

Denethor's Salty Cup Tournament

Saturday, 30 Jun 2018
Calling all newbies and casuals! An amateur's 2v2 tournament, hosted by myself and @Thrandier will be held on Saturday, 30 June, at 16:00 (GMT+1). The event will carry over to Sunday, 1 July, same time to ensure all games are successfully played. In order to carry out this event, we will need 8...

ROTWK - 2.02 7.00 - 1v1 July Tournament - DE

Tuesday, 12 Jun 2018
Format: 1v1 Double Elimination Patch: 2.02 7.0.0Platform: GameRanger or T3APeriod: It start 27 June and last 22 JulyMatch Rules: 1000 Starting Resources; 1x Command Point Factor; No Custom Heroes; Standard Rules. All games are best of 3 except final that is best of 5.You can pick whatever you...