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Rise of the Witch King Features and Articles

Special Feature

RotWK Unit Wiki Released!

Monday, 6 Mar 2023
Im happy to announce the release of the Rise of the Witch King Unit Wiki, an extensive guide covering all units and heroes in 2.02. This database covers all seven factions and will be expanded with the neutral and special units in the coming months. The stats and values will also continually get...
Special Feature

Patch 2.02 v9.0.0 Released!

Saturday, 4 Feb 2023
Greetings People of Middle-earth! After what seemed to be an endless wait, it is my pleasure to announce the official release of Patch 2.02 v9.0.0! The 2.02 Team has been working tirelessly to bring the community a patch focused on quality, and thus there was a conscious effort to ensure as much...

Interview with MrSmokkk

Friday, 4 Feb 2022
Hello all, just this week the Gamereplays $50 1v1 2.02 v8.5 launch tournament finished and I had a catch up with the winner MrSmokkk to get his thoughts on the new patch and how he thought the tournament went!Ab3r: Firstly congrats MrSmokkk on winning the Gamereplays 1v1 2.02 v.8.5 launch...
Special Feature

Patch 8.5 Released

Sunday, 23 Jan 2022
After one year of coding, theorising and testing I'm pleased to announce that 2.02 v8.5 is officially launched. Unlike recent patches that have worked on several issues that have been festering in the game since its launch such as XP bug or the armour bug, this patch is focused entirely on bugs...
Special Feature

Patch 8.4.0 Release

Sunday, 2 Aug 2020
Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, creatures and beasts! It is that epic time of the year again! That's right, after tireless work and endless deliberations, we are pleased to announce the release of Patch 2.02 Version 8.4.0!Click on the banner below to download the patch.What can you expect...
Special Feature

Rise of the Witch-king 2.02 League

Wednesday, 22 Jul 2020
You've heard of the Premier League. You love the NFL. Get ready for the next best thing... Rise of the Witch-king 2.02 League! Over the past months, community member StrayHeart and the 2.02 team have worked hard on our new competitive platform: RotWK League. Despite the great clanwars...
Special Feature

Patch 8.0.1 Release

Saturday, 28 Sep 2019
Greetings dear RotWK fans!We're proud to announce the release of 2.02 v8.0.1! Click here to download.2.02 v8.0.1 is a bug fix patch for several small issues with v8.0.0, but it's also the first step in our commitment to move towards a patching process with fewer balance changes per patch. The...

Ab3r` Spotlight

Sunday, 13 Jan 2019
Greetings everyone! After an incredibly long break, we are finally bringing back our Spotlight series for ROTWK. In the coming months, we will be focusing in on some of the most recognized 2.02 figures and getting to know them a little bit better with a series of interviews.First up, we have our...

2.02 Christmas mini-mod released!

Friday, 14 Dec 2018
Hello all! Thanks to the brilliant work of RiderofRohan and Mathijs from T3A, we are pleased to present you with a most jolly creation. Your very own 2.02 Christmas mod. Complete with new music, sound fx and graphical elements including a new Palantir and Xmas-fied hero and unit textures this...

The Mentoring Program Begins!

Friday, 1 Dec 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to announce the beginning of the Rise of the Witch-king Winter 2.02 Mentor/Mentee Program! The program will run from Friday, December 1st until Wednesday, Januray 31st. Mentoring teams may choose to extend their mentoring sessions beyond this date if they wish,...