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Rise of the Witch King

RotWK Patch 2.02 Cumulative Changelog

Welcome to the RotWK Patch 2.02 Cumulative Changelog! This is the most accurate available list of all changes from the official 2.01 patch to the latest version of 2.02 (currently Version 5.0.0). Use the menu on the right to navigate between sections. If you have any questions about anything in the changelog, please ask in the RotWK Question Topic. If you believe that you have found an error please send a PM to Phoenix.

Please note that some 2.02 balance changes, bugfixes, and audiovisual improvements have been either inspired by or taken directly from BFME II: BT2:DC or the RotWK DC Patch.

Notes on Notation

  • Armor: Values are listed as the percentage of damage absorbed by the armor. Example: a unit with 50% pierce armor will take half damage from pierce attacks, while a unit with 25% pierce armor will take one quarter damage from pierce attacks, and a unit with 150% pierce armor will take 50% extra damage. Lower armor values are therefore better. Unless otherwise stated, a change in an armor value is a change in a unit's unupgraded armor. A proportional change in the heavy armor value is implicit.

  • Damage Types: Slash damage is swordsmen damage, specialist damage is pikemen damage, pierce damage is archer damage. Crush damage is damage from trampling cavalry, while cavalry damage is damage from cavalry attacking in melee. (There are non-cavalry sources of crush damage, as well.) Melee heroes deal hero damage, ranged heroes deal hero ranged damage. Magic damage is dealt by various special attacks and by Silverthorn Arrows. Many attacks deal multiple types of damage.

  • Upgraded Damage: Upgraded archers and siege weapons deal damage in both the unupgraded damage type (pierce or siege) and the upgraded damage type (flame, frost, or magic). Changes in upgraded damage are indicated by unupgraded/upgraded damage types. For example: Ithilien and Dunedain Rangers upgraded damage decreased to 90/30 (from 100/50) indicates that Fire Arrows now deal 90 pierce and 30 flame damage, from 100 pierce and 50 flame damage. Note that the unupgraded damage dealt by an upgraded unit is completely separate from the unupgraded damage dealt by an unupgraded unit. For example, Ithilien and Dunedain Rangers deal only 75 pierce damage when unupgraded.

  • Attack speed: Attack speed is sometimes given as how many seconds a unit requires between when it starts a new attack and when it is ready to begin its next attack. Melee units have constant attack speeds. Occasionally, changes to the components of attack speed are noted instead. Pre-attack delay is time between starting an attack and when the damage is dealt. Firing duration and delay between shots both control the time between when the damage is dealt and when the next attack begins; whichever is longer affects the speed of the attack, so attack speed is pre-attack delay plus either firing duration or delay between shots, whichever is longer. On the other hand, a ranged unit has both a pre-attack delay and a reload time. A change to a ranged unit's pre-attack delay will affect only how long it takes to fire an initial arrow from a position, not how long it takes to reload and fire additional arrows. There are exceptions, but in these cases we typically refer to the ranged unit's attack speed, rather than reload time and pre-attack delay.

  • Damage and Armor Modifiers: In this changelog, we refer to the "real" armor bonus provided to a unit by one modifier without any stacking. For a discussion of damage and armor modifiers, please refer to the 2.02 Stacking Guide.