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Rise of the Witch King

RotWK Patch 2.02 Cumulative Changelog

General Changes
Bug fixes:
  • Fog of War no longer lifted above active siege weapons anywhere on the map.
  • Fixed game crash when running with BfME II patch 1.08 active.
  • Corrected damage FX for many projectiles. For example, Fire Arrows may no longer display non-flaming arrows hitting targets, Silverthorn Arrows no longer fail to consistently knock back enemies or display their magic cloud, etc.
  • Summoned units no longer provide experience to the enemy.
  • Unit-specific abilities (e.g. Barbed Arrows, etc.) now correctly work when multi-selected.
  • A unit can no longer use its special powers while garrisoned in a tower when set to auto-ability.
  • Various summoned units now properly fade out when expired rather than dying as if killed.
  • Melee hordes are better at using their units to fight in the front lines, rather than just having the first row of units fight while the rest stand at the back.
  • Archers no longer reload twice from their quiver when bombarding arrows.
  • Some passive abilities (Uruk Deathbringers' Stonewall ability, Bloodlust abilities) now correctly display when multiple units are selected.
  • All effect (heal, leadership, poison, etc.) FX now correctly apply to all units that are affected by the associated effect. (Most notably, orcs now show poison FX when affected by Karsh's Chill Soul ability.)
General balance changes:
  • Random factions, colors, and unpicked spots are now revealed on the loading screen before a game starts.
  • Structure repair rate .2% (from .3%) for good structures and .14% (from .2%) for evil structures, start delay 4m from 6m.
  • Structure armor changes:
    • all structures' resistance (except creep lairs) to hero ranged and frost damage doubled;
    • fortress, Fortress expansion, and Fortress Citadel resistance to pierce damage increased by 80%;
    • default wall armor (used for various Fortress maps) siege resistance reduced to 200% (from 100%); frost resistance increased to 1% (from 30%); hero ranged resistance increased to 5% (from 10%).
    • creep lair resistance to pierce and hero ranged damage increased by 40%.
  • Bounty values:
    • standardized to 25% of build cost for all units except for banner carriers and heroes; fixed many units missing or with improper bounty values;
    • banner bounty values set to 5;
    • hero bounty values set to 10% of the build cost (because values scale upwards as the hero levels);
    • removed bounty values from any Fortress expansions that inconsistently had a bounty value.
  • A player can no longer build a new Fortress if he already has five of that type currently on the map or under construction.
  • Builders can no longer construct Battle Towers in the Plague Bearer campaign mission (increasing mission difficulty).
  • Numerous AI improvements made:
    • bases, build orders and unit mixing improved;
    • many powers and abilities are used better and in more diversified ways;
    • structure and especially unit upgrades are purchased more often;
    • Brutal army difficulty cheats increased to 20% (from 15%).
  • Banner Carrier Upgrade:
    • research technology cost decreased to 400 (from 1000);
    • equip cost decreased to 150 (from 300) for most factions;
    • equip cost decreased to 100 (from 250) for Mordor and Goblins.
  • Stances and formations:
    • cavalry/pikemen Aggressive Stance now +25% Damage, -18% Armor (from +50% Damage, -33% Armor);
    • cavalry/pikemen Defensive Stance now -15% Damage, +33% Armor (from -25% Damage, +100% Armor) cavalry retain additional -15% speed penalty in Defensive;
    • porcupine formation damage bonus removed (was +20%).
  • All builders' vision radius increased to 300 (from 100).
  • All cavalry units' level-up experience requirements reduced to 120 / level (from 140 / level).
  • Crush revenge damage no longer increases with a unit's level.
  • Many cavalry units, siege engines, and other "special" units are now much more vulnerable to crush damage.
  • Structure repair rates standardized. Mordor and Isengard structures now repair 43% faster. Angmar structures repair 33% slower.
  • Fortresses now repair more slowly than other structures, with repair rates standardized. Good and Goblins Fortresses now repair 25% slower. Mordor and Isengard Fortresses now repair 7% faster. Angmar Fortresses now repair 50% slower.
Miscellaneous Changes:
  • New default zoom levels: 400 for standard (4:3) users and 480 for widescreen users (was 300 for all).
  • A new set of 12 player colors now available to choose from (7 of them in War of the Ring mode as well).
  • New main menu, loading screen, and game logo (resized) artworks for widescreen users (i.e. no longer stretched on widescreen monitors).
  • In-game font size is properly adjusted (i.e. is no longer too big on widescreen resolutions).
  • Collector's Edition graphics now tied to capture of One Ring (regardless of game version).
  • Beacons now time out after 8s.
  • "Exit All" buttons have been added for all structures with multiple garrisonable slots.
  • Command sets and upgrade slots standardized for each faction (e.g. upgrade slots for particular upgrades identical for different units).
  • At Fortress, heroes and fortress upgrades are now in order of increasing cost.
  • Numerous audiovisual improvements, including new voices, new FXs, and custom music.
  • Incompatible replay version tooltip edited to indicate that the replay was likely created by a foreign language game.
  • Tooltips throughout the game corrected and improved.
  • Disconnecting players now have just 30s to return to the game (from 60s).
  • All created wights now have a fade-in timer (i.e. they no longer pop-up instantly after creation).
Patch Launcher:
  • Able to switch between different versions of 2.02 as well as 2.01;
  • Can change screen resolution, including to resolutions to shown via the in-game options menu;
  • Can change the types of soundtracks played in lobbies and the main menu between good, evil, combined, and The Smoking Man's unique 2.02 tracks;
  • Can view the changelog or go to the tech support forum;
  • Can start the game from the patch launcher
  • Launcher manages the game files and deletes outdated 2.02 files;
  • Creates the Options.ini file if it doesn't exist (to prevent a common game crash on new installations).