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Rise of the Witch King

RotWK Patch 2.02 Cumulative Changelog

Map-specific Changes

New Maps

1v1 Maps:
  • Erech. A night-time map with small bases and limited space in the middle, so it is important to control the side paths to build resource buildings. Designed by Thoon.
  • Erech II. A modified Erech with a wider middle path and a design made to easily accommodate Dwarven forward mines. Designed by Thoon.
  • Hollin. The layout of Hollin is similar to Fords, except some space previously used for bases is used to create a middle. Designed by Thoon.
  • Lothlorien: Eryn Laer. The bases on this small map overlook a small valley in the middle. Designed by Thoon.
  • The Old Forest. Fords of Isen II layout, remade from scratch and with a dark feel and different lairs / structures. Designed by Thoon.
  • Tyrn Gorthad. Also known as the Barrow-downs, is the same size as Fords, but more open and with a darker feel. Designed by Forlong.
2v2 Maps:
  • Anorien II. A more accurate conversion of the original BFME I Anorien to BFME II than Carrock was. Updated by Rohara.
  • Emyn Arnen II. A GameReplays.org conversion of the original BFME I Emyn Arnen map, which places a high emphasis on teamwork. Updated by Rohara.
  • Far Harad . The Far Harad desert has four large hills that divide side paths between bases off from the middle. Designed by Thoon.
  • Gates of Moria. A phenomenal-looking 2v2 map similar in style to Buckland but with a Signal Fire in the centre and troll-protected Inns on the sides. Designed by Mako.
  • Ost-in-Edhil. Very similar to Udun except in aesthetics, this map is a four player version of Nevrast. Designed by SiderAment.
  • Shire. This is the same as the six player Shire, but with just four starting spaces, to encourage certain starting positions in 2v2 games.
  • Tournament Anorien. A ClanWars favorite, this is a grasslands map styled after Anorien / Carrock, slightly smaller in area than Buckland yet more open. Designed by Forlong.
  • Tournament Rohan. This symmetrical, arena-style map features an open square arena with Inns. Designed by Thoon.
2v2v2 Maps:
  • Amon Amarth. Another term for Mount Doom, this dark map is the only map in the game specifically designed for 2v2v2s. Designed by Mako.
4v4 Maps:
  • Nevrast. An arena-style map designed for odd team sizes like 4v4, 2v2v2v2, and FFAs. Designed by SiderAment.
  • Old Brown Lands. This BFME I favorite was always available in RotWK, but only for six players.
  • Stonewain Canyon. Essentially two Stonewain Valleys, one above the other, this map provides that experience but in a 4v4 setting. Designed by Mako.

Edited Maps

1v1 Maps:
  • Fangorn: Goblin lairs at Outposts replaced with Barrow Wight lairs.
  • Fords of Isen II: Impassible rocks removed from next to Troll Lairs (treasure no longer can spawn on the rocks). Miscellaneous beautification (removal of floating rocks and horizontal trees, texture improvements).
  • Harlindon (including 3 player version):
    • top Inn replaced with Signal Fire;
    • middle Inn replaced with Outpost;
    • original Outposts replaced with Inns.
  • Rohan:
    • northeastern Warg Lair and both Troll Lairs moved closer to their neutral structures, northwestern Warg Lair moved into upper base; southern Troll moved somewhat closer to Outpost;
    • westernmost and easternmost Outposts removed;
    • ruined towers removed.
  • Withered Heath: Outposts replaced with Inns.
2v2 Maps:
  • Buckland:
    • ruined towers removed;
    • hobbit buildings are no longer damaged by Arrow Volley.
  • Forodwaith:
    • Signal Fire replaced with Inn;
    • Outposts replaced with Signal Fires.
  • Tournament Westmarch:
    • western Troll Lair now actually functional;
    • Outposts replaced with additional Troll Lairs.
  • Tower Hills:
    • left and right Outposts removed;
    • Signal Fire replaced with Outpost;
    • top and bottom Outposts replaced with Signal Fires;
    • Towers now have structure armor (from none), more vision and shroud clearing, health increased to 2000 (from 1500).
Fortress Maps:
  • Amon Sul Gate / Wall health doubled to 6000 (from 3000).
  • Carn Dum: Outposts replaced with Inns.
  • Dol Guldur: Arrow and catapult towers more resistant to ranged hero attacks.
  • Grey Havens: Towers now have structure armor (from none), more vision and shroud clearing, health increased to 2000 (from 1500).
  • Helm's Deep: flying torch on left side of map (above mountains) removed.
  • Isengard:
    • wall health increased to 20,000 (from 5000);
    • gate now uses citadel fortress armor (from standard fortress armor).
  • Minas Morgul:
    • wall health increased to 100,000 (from 1000);
    • bridge now invulnerable, preventing a graphical glitch;
    • numerous levitating objects now properly positioned on the ground.