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Rise of the Witch King

RotWK Patch 2.02 Cumulative Changelog

War of the Ring
  • Living world map structure cost altered to the cost of the structure ingame.
  • Hero army CP limits increased to 600 (from 450).
  • Banners on living world map now increase to "level" 2/3 at 150/300 CP (from 120/240 CP); visual change only to better reflect actual sizes of armies.
  • Heroes no longer sometimes cost twice the proper amount to revive.
  • Auto resolve stats of numerous units now make sense. RotWK autoresolve stats were usually not even created with regard to unit type!
  • Free Inn units (Arnor unified region bonus) now properly gain experience.
  • Inn Unit Changes:
    • Dwarven Inn unit now correctly set to Hobbits (from Men of Dale) to match Skirmish counterpart;
    • Mordor's Inn unit now correctly set to Corsairs (from Haradrim Archers) to match Skirmish counterpart;
    • Angmar's Inn unit now set to Angmar wildmen (from Isengard wildmen).
  • Mini hero hordes purchased in real time battles will now persist onto the living world map after battle (except the Black Riders).
  • Wildmen can now receive the Torches upgrade.
  • Gondor Trebuchets, Dwarven Catapults, and Angmar Stone Throwers can now receive upgraded ammunition on the living world map and retain the upgrades after battle.
  • Battlewagons are now purchasable from the Forge Works (rather than Hall of Warriors).
  • Mountain Giants are now purchasable from the Goblin Cave (rather than Treasure Trove).
  • Arnor unified region bonus now grants only -150 structure cost (from -200).
  • Eriador unified region bonus now grants only +800 bonus resources at the start of battles (from +1000).
  • A High Pass army invading the Carrock may no longer get stuck on rocks.
  • A Redhorn Pass army invading Lorien now starts on the opposite side of the map. This prevents the AI from sending its builders far away (often to death) at the beginning of the match.
  • Reordered many commandsets and corrected some button images.
  • Corrected and improved many tooltips.
  • Auto resolve Leadership:
    • bonuses reduced to match normal 2.02 Leadership;
    • now affects up to four units per battle (from max two);
    • some heroes' Leadership now only affects certain types of units (eg: Eomer only boosts cavalry).
  • Historical:
    • pre-battle map bugs fixed; Mordor no longer displays an extra capital in the Mordor region; Dwarves now properly shown controlling Celduin;
    • Theoden's starting Rohirrim battalion moved to Eomer, two additional battalions added to Eomer;
    • Men capital moved to Minas Tirith, Boromir now starts with one additional battalion of Tower Guards and Rangers;
    • Men now starts with Farms in Rohan and in Belfalas;
    • Mordor now starts with Slaugher Houses in Rhun and Harad;
    • Glorfindel now starts with a battalion of Noldor Warriors.