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Rise of the Witch King

RotWK Patch 2.02 Cumulative Changelog

Elves Powers
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    IPB Image
  • Heal spell now restores 50% health (was 60%).

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  • Rallying Call is now a Buff-type modifier (from Spell).

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  • Farsight:
    • duration increased to 240s (from 90s);
    • radius increased to 525 (from 300);
    • recharge increased to 240s (from 120s).

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  • Elven Woods:
    • radius increased to 200 (from 175);
    • now grants ally units resistance to fear and terror;
    • recharge time decreased to 240s (from 360s).

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  • Enshrouding Mist recharge time reduced to 240s (from 360s).

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  • Tom Bombadil:
    • speed increased to 60 (from 45);
    • lifetime reduced to 45s (from 60s);
    • leadership ability removed;
    • now classed as Infantry (from Cavalry); no longer affected by Glorious Charge;
    • crush and punch now have a 500% damage scalar vs. Wights, but only 200% vs. Karsh;
    • Sonic Song now has a 200% damage scalar vs. Wights, including Karsh;
    • now immune to Cripple.

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  • Summoned Eagles:
    • duration decreased to 75s (from 120s);
    • pierce resistance increased to 30% (from 45%);
    • frost resistance increased to 30% (from 50%);
    • speed while attacking increased to 165 (from 114);
    • standard claw attack damage scalar vs. heroes increased to 25% (from 30%);
    • fixed heroes being pwned when unluckily hit by Eagles' plow attack (used vs. structures);
    • no longer damaged by logical fires;
    • should be able to one hit Siege Weapons (1000% damage scalar against siege);
    • should be able to two hit Battlewagons (500% damage scalar against Battlewagons).

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  • Cloud Break:
    • recharge time reduced to 360s (from 450s);
    • now turns Cave Trolls and Mountain Trolls (including allied Trolls) to stone for 20s. Drummer Trolls and Attack Trolls are Olog-Hai, resistant to the sun.

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  • Summon Ents:
    • now only summons two Ents (from three);
    • Ents duration decreased to 75s (from 120s);
    • Ents no longer unable to throw rocks over buildings;
    • Ents can now use ability to camouflage from trees.

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  • Sunflare now starts a raging fire and damages allies.

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  • Flood horse damage increased to 200 Siege (from 142).