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Rise of the Witch King

RotWK Patch 2.02 Cumulative Changelog

Dwarves Powers

IPB Image

    IPB Image
  • Rallying Call is now a Buff-type modifier (from Spell).

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  • Rebuild radius bug fixed, radius set to 100 (from actually 300, though selection cursor radius was 150).

    IPB Image
  • Heal spell now restores 50% health (was 60%).

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  • Undermine:
    • now available at tier two (from tier three);
    • now deals 230 siege damage in radius 75 and 173 damage in radius 100 (from no damage).

    IPB Image
  • Hobbits:
    • health 140 (from 100);
    • horde size 8 (from 5);
    • stick damage now slash (was hero);
    • rock damage 70 (from 200);
    • speed increased to 45 (from 35);
    • now stealth in trees;
    • palantir image changed;
    • lifetime 1m30s (from 2m).

    IPB Image
  • Lone Tower:
    • health decreased to 2500 (from 3000);
    • recharge time increased to 360s (from 180s).

    IPB Image
  • Summoned Men of Dale:
    • duration decreased to 120s (from 180s);
    • battalion lifetime no longer becomes infinite if a horde member respawns.

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  • Cloud Break:
    • recharge time reduced to 360s (from 450s);
    • now turns Cave Trolls and Mountain Trolls (including allied Trolls) to stone for 20s. Drummer Trolls and Attack Trolls are Olog-Hai, resistant to the sun.

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  • Barrage damage decreased to 250 (from 400).

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  • Dwarven Riches:
    • now available at tier three (from tier two);
    • now a passive power granting +25% resources to all Mine Shafts on map, including teammates' (blue Industry aura).

    IPB Image
  • Summoned Citadel:
    • health decreased to 6000 (from 10000);
    • 20% weaker than a normal Fortress against siege;
    • can now purchase Masterwork Munitions for its weapons: cost 800, research time 30s;
    • now grants resources, command points, the ability to purchase heroes, the ability to decommission units, and the ability to hold the One Ring as a normal Fortress;
    • no longer garrisonable;
    • auto-acquire range increased to 350 (from 160);
    • shroud clearing increased to 550 (from 200);
    • now comes with a Mighty Catapult on top (rather than a normal Catapult).