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Rise of the Witch King

RotWK Patch 2.02 Cumulative Changelog

Mordor Powers
IPB Image

    IPB Image
  • Tainted Land:
    • radius increased to 200 (from 175);
    • recharge time increased to 360s (from 180s).

    IPB Image
  • Industry:
    • duration decreased to 300s (from unlimited);
    • radius decreased to 100 (from 200).

    IPB Image
  • Untamed Allegiance:
    • recharge time reduced to 240s (from 360s);
    • effect range increased to 100 (from 60), so that lairs and their units are easily captured with one cast;
    • can no longer be cast on Balrog, Dragon, All Eagle Types, DragonStrike, Shade Wolf and Ring Heroes.

    IPB Image
  • Summon Barricade:
    • damage increased to 200 (from 100);
    • damage altered to pierce (from structural);
    • now benefits from a fortress ammunition upgrade if within effective radius of Fortress;
    • now has Fortress Expansion Armor;
    • recharge time increased to 240s (from 180s).

    IPB Image
  • The Wyrm:
    • health increased to 15000 (from 10000);
    • now classed as a hero and has a hero icon on the bottom of the screen;
    • can now use stances (hero template);
    • now has an experience award (50);
    • damage from attack now spread out over the duration of the flame animation, rather than suddenly all occurring at once;
    • structural resistance decreased to 100% (from 25%);
    • magic and frost resistance increased to 30% (from 100%);
    • Reposition:
      • now a visible, usable ability;
      • max cast range increased to 750 (from 500);
      • recharge time reduced to 2s (from 5s);
      • now has a hotkey - R.

    IPB Image
  • Barrage damage decreased to 250 (from 400).

    IPB Image
  • Rain of Fire:
    • now starts a fire and damages allied units;
    • damage dealing synched with animation.

    IPB Image
  • The Balrog:
    • health increased to 4800 (from 4000);
    • magic resistance increased to 70% (from 100%);
    • 40% of summon damage is now dealt only in radius 120 (from radius 200);
    • Ignite:
      • recharge increased to 30s (from 10s) to match the duration of the effect;
      • now grants +50% Damage and Armor (from +100% Damage and Armor)
    • Scream recharge 30s (from 10s).
    • Whip:
      • recharge time increased to 15s (from 10s);
      • can now target flying units. Fried chicken, anyone?
    • Damage from Breathe Fire now spread out over the duration of the flame animation, rather than suddenly all occurring at once;