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Rise of the Witch King

RotWK Patch 2.02 Cumulative Changelog

Angmar Powers

IPB Image

    IPB Image
  • Snow Bind:
    • power point cost decreased to 5pp (from 10pp);
    • area of effect decreased by 50%;
    • now properly grants immunity to force and poison damage;
    • now makes structures much more visibly snowy than before, snow on ground removed.

    IPB Image
  • Fell Wind:
    • radius decreased by 25%;
    • no longer damages structures.

    IPB Image
  • Untamed Allegiance:
    • recharge time reduced to 240s (from 360s);
    • range increased to 100 (from 60), so that lairs and their units are easily captured with one cast;
    • no longer castable on Balrog, Dragon, All Eagle Types, DragonStrike, Shade Wolf and Ring Heroes.

    IPB Image
  • Frozen Land:
    • radius increased to 200 (from 175);
    • now slows enemy units by 33%;
    • recharge time decreased to 240s (from 360s).

    IPB Image
  • Summoned Gundabad Orcs:
    • lifetime increased to 120s (from 90s);
    • now included in the horde bonus.

    IPB Image
  • Summon Wights:
    • power point cost decreased to 10pp (from 15pp);
    • now summons only four Wights (was five Wights);
    • recharge time reduced to 360s (from 540s).
    • Wights:
      • attackspeed increased to 1.4s (from 2s);
      • damage increased to 300 (from 200);
      • 30% damage scalar vs. structures added;
      • speed increased to 50 (from 25);
      • life drain reduced to 35% (from 50%);
      • no longer drain life from structures;
      • now have strong shockwave resistance.

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    Summon Giants:
    • lifetime reduced to 75s (from 90s);
    • now has a louder sound;
    • Giants:
      • slash resistance increased to 40% (from 100%);
      • specialist resistance increased to 100% (from 200%);
      • pierce resistance increased to 20% (from 50%);
      • flame resistance increased to 100% (from 300%);
      • cavalry resistance increased to 50% (from 75%);
      • hero resistance increased to 100% (from 200%);
      • hero ranged resistance increased to 50% (from 200%);
      • structural resistance increased to 20% (from 25%);
      • rock throw damage increased to 800 (from 600);
      • rock throw radius reduced to 70 (from 100) except vs. structures;
      • rock throw meta impact now affects allied units;
      • no longer unable to throw rocks over buildings;
      • no longer unable to crush units appropriate for crushing;
      • melee preattack delay (except for flanking attack) decreased to 1000ms (from 1400ms).

    IPB Image
  • Freezing Rain:
    • now reduces enemy armor and damage by 25%;
    • duration increased to 180s (from 150s).

    IPB Image
  • Blight:
    • power point cost increased to 15pp (from 5pp);
    • radius of effect increased by 50%;
    • now poisons enemies in its radius of effect;
    • non-Hero units killed during the first 10 seconds of the spell become Lesser Wights;
    • Hero units killed during the first 10 seconds of the spell become Greater Wights;
    • duration reduced to 2m (from 3m);
    • recharge time increased to 9m (from 3m).

    IPB Image
  • Avalanche:
    • damage per chunk increased to 400 (from 150);
    • 50% scalar vs. Fortresses added;
    • now damages allied units;
    • now makes a louder sound;
    • now properly puts out fires.

    IPB Image
  • Shade of the Wolf:
    • swipe damage increased to 500 hero and 500 frost (from 400 / 500);
    • attack range reduced to 25 (from 30);
    • claw range problem against structures fixed, no longer attacks structures ineffectually;
    • frost damage now has a 200% scalar vs. structures (which take half damage from frost);
    • Summoning now has a 0% damage scalar vs. other Shade Wolfs, rather than Balrogs;
    • 40% of summon damage is now dealt only in radius 120 (from radius 200);
    • Dark Lord's Lament:
      • can no longer paralyze flying units, Ring Heroes or 25pp summoned monsters;
      • FX duration corrected to 10s (from 15s), matching the duration of the effect.
    • Devour:
      • recharge time reduced to 30s (from 90s);
      • now uses a new FX (rather than a hollow yellow circle).
    • Call the Pack:
      • wolf pack damage increased to 200 (from 150);
      • recharge time decreased to 40s (from 300s).