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November Set Clans Program

By Andy San - 20th October 2016 - 21:56 PM

Hello folks!

The GameReplays Rise of the Witch-King staff have decided to plan another set clans program for the upcoming month of November. A set clans month could greatly boost the competitive area of the game, reason for us to believe it's the best option at the moment. An opportunity for both highly and less skilled players to get some competitive practice.

What is this "Set Clans" Program?

To remind all participants of what this is about and inform all outsiders of what the idea is, there has been a recurring theme in ClanWars throughout the last years of the league's existence. This project aims to make most clans participating in November's ClanWars to be, more or less, symmetrically skilled. This prevents similarly skilled players from grouping in differently skilled clans. This project brings weaker and stronger players together to play alongside one another - which is unique. It also gives inexperienced players the important opportunity to join decent clans and gain experience while improving.

Again, you should all seize this opportunity to join some decent clans! Both old players and newcomers joining our community league once again and playing some fun, competitive games.

How to join ClanWars and what is this?

See the Joining ClanWars guide! http://www.gamereplays.org/riseofthewitchk...oining-clanwars

On a final note: This project isn't supposed to revolve solely around trying to win or proving your worth. Though the month will hopefully show some avid competition among the top ten, it will hopefully also see all clans playing fairly, clan members getting to know one another, weaker players learning from better players, better players helping worse players, and so on. Play for fun and don't take things too seriously, that's most important. Enjoy the month and may the most enthusiastic clan win!