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2018 Halloween Event and Tournament Announced

By Excelsior - 13th October 2018 - 22:01 PM

Halloween is fast approaching. With ghosts rising from their graves and witches flying through the skies, this is a great time for a Rise of the Witch-king Halloween Event.

We're calling on all players to proceed to their computers during the Halloween period, on Friday, October 26th, for a full day of 2.02 FFGs. Yes, we will hold another 2.02 party! We invite you to the ROTWK Rise of the Witch-king 2.02 Community Discord Server to have a chat with the rest of the community (and we may have some spooky Halloween music for you as well!). As was included in the 2015 Halloween event, there will be an optional Halloween mini-mod included for you to download!

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The server name is Rise of the Witch-king 2.02 Community".

But that's not all! We will also hold a Halloween tournament! Played on some special Halloween-themed maps, this 2v2 single elimination is different from most as the goal is to create as many balanced teams as possible, noobs play with pros and mediums with mediums! Teams will be assigned to be as balanced as possible. Our maps are a combination of reskins of popular favorites as well as some new maps such as Belenos' "Pass of Gallubia" or Veliamars "Forsaken Lands"!

The tournament will begin on Saturday, October 27th at 4 pm GMT. Take a look at this timezone converter if you're not sure what that is in your local time. Please allocate a few hours of your time for participation. The Tournament will continue on October 28th at the same time for the finals. These games will be streamed by Excelsior with Thrandier co-casting and by Deepy with Andy co-casting.

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All participants of the tournament will receive a Tournament Participant Medal on their GameReplays.org profile, and better yet, if you manage to win the tournament, you will win the prestigious Tournament Winner Medal!If you are placed in the top three in the tournament, you will also get a place in our Hall of Champions.

We are looking for 8 teams of 2 people to participate in the tournament! However, there is no limit to the number of sign-ups, if we receive more we will open the tournament to be 16 teams of 2! Interested participants should read the Standard Tournament Rules before signing up.

Tournaments Rules

  • Format is single elimination.
  • Games may only be played on our Halloween-themed maps.
  • All matches are best of one, except the semi finals and final which will be best of 3.
  • All other standard rules apply.
If you can't or are unwilling to participate in the tournament, remember to log in anyway to join the party on Friday or open up Twitch and watch the tournament games live, courtesy of our streamers!

Sign up for the tournament here!

Discuss the event in our forums