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2.02 v7.0.0 Released


After countless hours of testing and coding, we are pleased to announce the release of the long-anticipated patch 2.02 v7.0.0, the largest patch in 2.02 history!

You may download the patch via the button below. It is recommended that you install the full version of the installer as it includes previous version replay compatibility all the way back to version and 80+ new tracks for you to enjoy in-game!

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However, if you are on a strict budget, you may download a smaller version of the installer (smaller download size). Bear in mind that the smaller version does not include previous version replay compatibility nor new music tracks.

Now before you jump right to it, we strongly advise you to have a thorough look at the 2.02 v7.0.0 change log. There are numerous changes and additions, and for those who aspire to rise above the ranks in competitive play, it's imperative that you know what you're doing in-game.

2.02 Main Change Log
2.02 Experience Award and Requirement Change Log

What can you expect from 2.02 v7.0.0

The development of patch 2.02 v7.0.0 has been a rough ride from start to finish. The team of dedicated developers, testers, mappers and advisors have put their best into making v7.0.0 one of the best releases of 2.02 history. Let's dive into the details!


One of the primary goals of patch 2.02 is to fine-tune balance as best as possible. The development team has stuck to that goal, and has promised far more balanced game-play for version 7.0.0. Your feedback has been invaluable to us, as it has guided us in developing a more balanced patch.

Say goodbye to the nasty experience award and requirement system, match-ups such as Angmar vs Elves or overpowered Lumber Mills, and hello to newly improved spells such as Untamed Allegiance and Arrow Volley, a new unit tier upgrade system, a useful Gandalf, and so much more!

Bug-free Gameplay

Another major goal of 2.02 is to bust as many bugs as possible so as to allow players to enjoy smooth game-play. The development team has worked hard at this for v7.0.0. In fact, there have been more bugs busted in v7 than most other single version releases! Say goodbye to the nasty overpowered Attack Troll levelling bug, OoS gaming, and the Freezing Rain rain drop bug, and hello to smooth and enjoyable game-play!

Of course, with change comes the risk of error, and the dev team always appreciates feedback. Make sure to check out our Balance Forum for gameplay discussion (and therein, the Bug Report topic for gameplay oddities), and our Technical Support forum for technical issues. Whether favorable or critical, your voice provides essential information in our development!

Creativity and Passion

A lot of creativity and passion has been put into the development of v7.0.0. Multiple changes and additions have been made to the patch to enhance the gameplay for both our online and offline player base. New Inn units, improved AI and new maps, as well as a plethora of new voice files, music, tooltips, just to name a few.

We are very proud of how far we've come, and we believe the wait was well worth it! Massive thanks to everyone involved, and especially the community for the patience! We know it's been a long wait. The past year and a half saw significant upheaval in the patch-making process. This version has received enormous attention, and we hope that you will see that too!

Now is the time to unleash the dogs of war! Go ahead, download and update your patch, and get playing!

If you're new to 2.02 and want to join us online, check out our GameRanger guide.

You may also play via the T3A Servers.

The following people were involved in the creation of 2.02 v7.0.0

Patch 2.02 Developers & Coders

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Patch 2.02 Patch Launcher Programmer

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Patch 2.02 Balance Advisor

Patch 2.02 Mappers

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Special Thanks To

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DJ Premier
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As well as to all members and beta testers who took part in shaping and preparing v7.0.0.

We've created a new RotWK 2.02 server on Discord! Please feel free to join, and spread the word!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and passion for this game! We'll see you in the battle.

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