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Clanwars Evolving

By Excelsior - 19th January 2017 - 20:10 PM


Many 2.02 players have been waiting for the T3A server to be implemented which led to a drop in competitiveness. Clanwars, however, is still around - but - it's nowhere near perfect. As a result, we've made some much-needed changes that will hopefully act as an incentive to play competitively again.

One of the biggest flaws with Clanwars was its point system. After a month's worth of testing (you may have noticed some strange things on the Clanwars.cc site) the Clanwars.cc admins have implemented the following changes so that Clanwars will be a more fair and complete system.

So, without going into too much detail, let's find out what has changed:
  1. The number of points you gain for a victory is based off of your opponents' monthly point aggregate; meaning, the more points he has, the more points your victory is worth.
  2. There was a strange setting that would limit the points you would win vs. a clan in consecutive games. In other words, the points you would get if you won in a 5th game against clan "X" would only be 50% of the first game. Similarly, the 10th would be only 10%. We've eliminated that rule so that every match is equally important.
  3. Before, neither the top clans / warriors would lose (many) points, even if they were the top 2. With this system in place, it's far more regulated. Obviously, the more points your opponent has, the fewer points you lose.
  4. Warriors and clans outside of the (bigger) Power Win range still don't lose points, so they shouldn't fear fighting top clans / warriors because of the big rewards. Vice versa, top clans / warriors can still earn a decent number of points vs. lower-half clans / warriors, so there's no point in dodging.
  5. It used to be impossible to get back into the top 10 after playing 2v2s, 3v3s and 4v4s only, since only the highest ranked warrior in each team would be considered when determining the points. Now we've changed that so it's the average rank of each team that decides the points awarded / lost.
There were several other settings that were changed during the past years and set to their initial value for legitimacy of this system. Our plan is to play normal Clanwars in February. This means no set clans or such, just pure raw Clanwars. Even without an event, we have created a signup thread so we can gauge the potential player turnout.

Sign up and post your thoughts here!

Special thanks to Muadd and Istari_ for writing up this article and the work they have been involved in over the past month.