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Christmas 1v1 Tournament Announced!

By Motoma - 26th November 2018 - 20:26 PM

Format: 1v1 Single Elimination, 16 participants
Date: 8th to 14th December
Match Rules: Faction must be picked at the beginning of the tourney and will remain throughout; Standard Rules apply. Round of 16 is best of 3, Round of 8 and 4 are best of 5, the final is best of 7.

The on-host player must pick the map from the map pool (TBA). Tiebreaker matches will be played on Fords of Isen and on a neutral host

Match Organisation: It is up to each player to find out their opponent using Challonge, contact them (referring to the Sign-Up & Tracking Topic) and get their matches under way.
This tournament will be split into 3 sessions. Sessions are as follows:
  • Session 1: Round of 16 must be completed by the end of the 10th of December
  • Sessions 2: Round of 8 and Round of 4 must be completed by the 13th of December
  • Session 3: The Final will be played on the 14th of December and will be live cast by Ab3r
Prizes: A monetary victory prize is not guaranteed but we are always open to donations towards a tournament prize pool.

Donate towards the tournament prize pool here!

However, the Tournament Winner Award is up for grabs. Winners will also be listed in Hall of Champions. 4 points will be given to the winner, 2 to the runner-up and 1 to the third winner.
Replays: Please save all replays and upload them in the Replays Section with an appropriate title: (I.e. "XvsY Tournament Round 16", " XvsY Tournament Quarter Finals").

Registration: (Closes at 20:00 (GMT) 6th December 2018)
You must post your Game Ranger ID and name in the Sign-Up & Tracking Topic.
Refer to the Challonge site to view your opponents using the link provided once the registration period has closed. Please note that failing to show for this tournament will result in a blacklisting that will prevent you from competing in the next tournament/s.

If you have any questions, please contact the Referees or Organizers: