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Dwarf Build Orders

By MauH˙R - 4th July 2016 - 01:55 AM

The Standard Build

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Mineshaft->Mineshaft->Hall of Warriors->Mineshaft->Guardians or Phalanxes->Mineshaft->Guardians->Mineshaft->Guardians->Hall of Warriors or Archery Range or Forge Works or Prince Brand

Dwarves don't have a great variety of build orders, however they do have a wide variety of options in their standard build in terms of execution and choices.

The first choice is whether to build Guardians or Phalanxes first, meaning you either rush your opponent one by one with Guardians or you kill some lairs and capture neutral buildings.

The next decision depends on the match-up:
  • A 2nd Hall or an Archery Range are safer all round choices, but especially recommended vs. Angmar and Mordor.
  • Forgeworks and thus Battlewagons are recommended vs. Elves, MotW, Goblins and Isengard, being a very flexible unit that can serve you in many ways.
  • Prince Brand is recommended in Dwarf mirrors because he can 1-shot and outrun the Dwarven infantry, making him MVP in this match-up.

    This covers most routes a Dwarf can go for, however there are still small things here and there that can be adjusted, depending on things like map size, amount of neutral structures and mindgames.

Fast Hall

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Mineshaft->Hall of Warriors->Mineshaft->Phalanxes->Guardians->Mineshaft->Guardians

This build sacrifices economy for earlier units and it's recommended to equalize the lack of income with heavy creeping whilst you wait for your 2nd and 3rd battalion of Guardians. The upcoming push's damage has to be big in order to make this start pay for itself, which shouldnt be hard to achieve since you'll have one more battalion than normally.

BW Start

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Mineshaft->Mineshaft->Forgeworks->Battlewagon->Mineshaft->BW Upgrade->Hall of Warriors or Battlewagon->Guardians or BW Upgrade

A micro-intensive build that has a higher chance of success the bigger the map is. The rush distance also determines whether you can go for a 2nd BW or a Hall of Warriors. The upgrades for your BWs should be Axethrowers first and Men of Dale second so you can harass and kite your opponent at the same time.

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