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Interview with MrSmokkk

By Ab3r` - 4th February 2022 - 16:52 PM

Hello all, just this week the Gamereplays $50 1v1 2.02 v8.5 launch tournament finished and I had a catch up with the winner MrSmokkk to get his thoughts on the new patch and how he thought the tournament went!

Ab3r: Firstly congrats MrSmokkk on winning the Gamereplays 1v1 2.02 v.8.5 launch tournament, for the readers who don't know much about you could you tell them a brief intro on yourself?

MrSmokkk: Thanks for organization to Ab3r and basil. About me? I'm from Ukraine, playing rotwk 2.02 in about 6 years, before played bfme 1, bfme 2 and some mods like thoa, edain. So at least on medium level in all bfme games:)
I love and hate this game in the same time and people, who played enough knows why.

Ab3r: You were in fine form, you didn't drop a map until the finals against Urby, did you feel confident coming into this tournament?

MrSmokkk: Before this tourney i didn't played like for 3 weeks for my personal reasons, but not many good players were in this tournament and I'm kinda wonder why, because even prize was announced.
So i wasn't confident only against Urby and you can see it even with results in final.

Ab3r: Meeting Urby in the finals seemed like destiny, a 3-2 win is a close win, which game in the finals were you most pleased about?

MrSmokkk: Of course it was deciding game on Plains of Lindon. I pre-picked Isengard for that reason, because it's still faction who doesn't have bad match-ups. And I got Goblins as opponent, which is worst to have, I guess.
Checking his spiderlings start with wilds near warg creep saved this game for me, because i prepaired enough for first attack. Then game went good until i saw Spider Riders, which kinda surprising always. Couple good fight, then got map control and just casually harassing structures around map - win as result of good macro/multitasking management.

Ab3r: As this was a new patch its still relatively fresh for competitive play, were there any match ups in the final that you either won/lost that you felt might have had an opposite result if you were still on 8.4?

MrSmokkk: I think it's only one - Mordor vs Men, in 8.4 was hard one for Men, now for my first experience it's about 60/40 for Men.

Ab3r: There is a 2v2 tournament next in February and you've signed up with DJP, how do you fancy your chances there?

MrSmokkk: UK&UK can't lose, right?

Ab3r: Which of the teams for the 2v2 tournament would you love to meet in the finals?

MrSmokkk: I would love to meet Solas/Ety.

Ab3r: I think we can now class you as a tournament veteran, what would you like to see from future tournaments?

MrSmokkk: I'm fine with current tournaments, maybe more attention to the manners of the players, I mean some persons could be toxic enough to ban from them.

Ab3r: Finally you've got me to pay you some money, is the long running joke over? And what will you be spending the winnings on?

MrSmokkk: That was a good joke, my dear Ab3r, but some jokes have some truth. I will pay rent xd.

Make sure to follow MrSmokkk on twitch here