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Mentoring Program Announcement

By MauH˙R - 18th November 2017 - 00:45 AM

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We are happy to announce the return of the 2.02 Mentoring program! For those of you who don't know, a mentoring program pairs players who are inexperienced with competitive RotWK or 2.02 (mentees) with more experienced players (mentors). Mentors work closely with their assigned mentees to familiarize them with multiplayer and help them improve their skill level. This program has been very successful in the past to lower the learning curve for new players. We are welcoming players from all backgrounds, whether you're a current 2.02 player wanting to improve your play, a BFME 2 player wanting to try the expansion, a 2.01 player who wants to give 2.02 a go, or if you're completely new to BFME games.

How it works

You will be assigned a thread to post all of your replays, questions, and advice. Mentorship will not be restricted to one specific mentor - all mentors or experienced players are actively encouraged to help out mentees and post in each others' threads, though mentors are responsible to at least teach their assigned mentees.

Furthermore, there will be a public mentoring chat room on Discord and regularly hosted practice rooms by staff members, and multiple events or tournaments where each mentee can sense and utilize their enhanced skill.

Why should I become a mentor?

Mentors have the opportunity to increase the size of the competitive community by helping new players get better. This means more games for everyone with more player variety. Plus, you'll get a shiny new medal on your profile for your trouble, and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone.

Why should I become a mentee?

If you are new to competitive RotWK, are experienced in 2.01 RotWK but not 2.02, or just feel like you have room to improve, this is your chance to get better. It can be hard just playing random games to improve your skill level because you don't really get much feedback on your play style. By participating in a mentoring program you can work closely with a skilled player and learn how you can improve.

Signing up

We're going to form two teams, the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, which will compete in multiple "team-league" tournaments, where each mentee can collect points for their side.

To sign up as a mentor or a mentee, please post in our sign-up topic based on the provided template.
We hope to see lots of participants! And don't be discouraged if you're seeing this late, you can sign up at any time!

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