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Muadd Interview

By Mako - 23rd May 2017 - 15:08 PM

Today's player spotlight highlights the winner of the last competitive 2.02 tournament, Muadd!

Name: Matti. T (No facebook requests plz)
Age: 17?
Location: Finland
Occupation: Carpenter/Construction worker. Future Construction Engineer
Hobbies: Hitting dem ladies, Gym, Rotwk?, Lots of stuff

GR: What are your favorite games?

Guess Rotwk>Tinder>WoW>Sc2 even tho my freetime is so limited so I barely play nowadays. And if I do its rotwk only.

GR: What games are you active on currently, and how do your experiences there compare to those from BFME?

Only game besides rotwk I play is Tinder. The difference is that I get a lot more gurls from Rotwk tbh.

GR: Why did you join GR?

I can't really remember what made me create an account 7 years ago. Probably because I wanted to upload some nab 2.01 games.

GR: How did you first get started with RotWK?

I bought Bfme1 like the same week it got released in Finland. So naturally the next steps were bfme2 into rotwk.

GR: What do you like so much about RotWK, that has kept you playing the game for years?

Well... First of all if I would leave the game would turn into dust in matter of seconds. I can't take such tragedy for my hearth. Also I get hard as f**k owning everyone. Gives me enormous virtualboner.
And I like the community. Enough retarded for my taste.

GR: What is one funny moment you can recall? And one of your best games (Replay)?

Well I think Im lucky enough being in a position that I've been able to witnes lots of funny moments. Kha getting mad, Meg getting mad, Some nice flaming with Adam ,Meg and Cam etc etc.
About best games. I don't rly know where I played the best or made least mistakes but heres a game from few years back.
Even tho I consider my skill level quite a lot higher nowadays I think I did pretty good there against defo one of the better 2v2 teams, Asba & Costa.

GR: How has gaming affected your life?

Gaming has taken me thousands and thousands of hours but If i had to do it all over again doubt I would change a thing. (VERY DEEP)

GR: When you're not gaming or posting on gamereplays, what do you do in your every day life?

Well... Usual stuff.

GR: Where do you see yourself in 5 Years from now?

Living in England countryside as graduated Engineer.

GR: Share with us your opinions on these.

About GameReplays:
Well what I can say. Does its job.

About Staff of this game:
Lovely. They all freaking love me.

About Community of this game:
Very mature.

About Rise of the Witch-king:
Solid 7/5.

About Balancment of current patch:
Dunno. Gobs op.

About Platform of this game:
Pc master race all the way.

About Other patches and Mods:
Would rather killmyself than spend a second playing any Mod.

Best Player I've Ever Played Against:
Well I don't think there is Best player in this game. But you could say it like this.
1v1 Mauhur.
2v2 Cam.

Best Player I've Ever Played With:
Those two.

Best Active Player I've Ever Played Against:

Best Active Player I've Ever Played With:
Mauhur & Myself (rekt420).

Most overrated and underrated Player:
Well this is interesting one. Only way to describe overrated player I know is by having Expert title and not being good anymore. But thats not how it works. I personally think this game is one of the games that you have to play constanly to keep your speed and skill level up. So yeah.
I don't think there is an underrated Player atm. Community small enough so everyone knows peoples real level. But guess you could say I'm a bit underrated player. I think quite many was suprised that I ended up winning the 1v1 tourney since most know me as bigger games player. Smurfing as Sapphire, watching all Johan Tillys replays and learning how to use Hotkey A taught me more in a bit over month than 5938593 4v4 games. (You are welcome nawbs)

Favourite and Unfavourite Faction:
Favo : Goblins
Least favo : Angmar

Favourite and Unfavourite Hero:
Favo : Brand
Least favo : Aragon, Rather make walls with the money.

Strongest and Weakest Faction:
Strongest : Gobs
Weakest : Ang or Elw

Tips and suggestions about Staff work and balancment of this Game:
Well I wanna keep this as short as possible.
Focus on things that truly matters. Stuff like xp awards, pp awards and overall patching is nice. But it doesnt rly bring you players. And players are what we need.
Would really love to see atleast 2 players from the staff team to only focus on stuff like Tourneys, Promoting competive gaming. Dont give a d*mn if its CW or a whole new Platform. Just get it done. It boosts the activity and overall amount of games being played by x10.
Rewieving replays.
Kick useless staff members and recruit fresh blood.

Dreams about this game:
Competive ladder with +500 games every month.

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