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Patch 8.2 Release

Greetings dear RotWK fans!

We're proud to announce the release of v8.2.0! Click here to download.


8.2.0 is a patch mainly dedicated to a mechanic overhaul called "armorfix". What exactly is fixed about armor, you ask? Well, it'll take a little while to explain because basically the answer involves every single thing about it.

What we wish to emphasize though, is that this change required modifying the game's engine. This is only the 2nd time in RotWK's history that this has been accomplished. Without community member Danetta, this would not have been possible. Thanks Danetta for your hard work!

Unaffected by Armorfix

First of all, here are some armor related things that are not affected:
- Heavy armor
- Level-up bonuses

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Affected by Armorfix

Nearly every other mention of armor in the game, is affected. This includes:
- Buffs, spells, leadership
- Stances
- Formations (shield-wall, porcupine)
- Unit/hero abilities (charge, blademaster, etc.)

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

IPB Image IPB Image

IPB Image IPB Image

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Effect of Armorfix

Armorfix has an effect whenever 2 or more bonuses from the section above are in effect on the same unit. Previously, multiple armor bonuses were summed together in a peculiar way. Details can be found here.

After armorfix, multiple armor bonuses will stack the same way that multiple damage bonuses do. That is: multiplicatively.

For example, let's say Rallying Call and a leadership are both in effect on the same unit:

IPB Image + IPB Image

This unit now gets +50% damage, +50% armor from Rallying Call, but also +33% damage and +33% armor from the Leadership. You can now easily multiply them to get the result:

+50% → 150%
+33% → 133%

Armor: 150% × 133% = 199.5% ≈ 200%
Damage: 150% × 1.33% = 199.5% ≈ 200%

200% → +100%

So, the unit will get +100% armor and +100% damage.

Example comparison

Here's a simple before and after comparison for Elven Mithlond Sentries:

1. IPB Image + IPB Image = +100% armor (without armorfix: +138% armor )

2. IPB Image + IPB Image = +77% armor (without armorfix: +100% armor)

3. IPB Image + IPB Image = +166% armor (without armorfix: +300% armor)

Further info

You can read the full changelog for 8.2.0 here:


2.02 Version 8.2.0 Changes

General balance changes
- Reworked armor calculation system for Buffs, Leaderships, Spells, stances and formations.
- Removed damage scalars of Gundabad Warriors and Rhudaur Spearmen against Mallorn Trees.
- Cavalry flank trample damage bonus reduced to 2x (from 3x).

- Uruk-Hai warriors will no longer attack faster with forged blades upgrade.
- Black Orcs now correctly deal more damage after purchasing Forged Blades.
- Rivendell lancers, Haradrim lancers, Easterlings, Orc laborers, Wolf riders, Dire wolves, Warg packs and Warg riders now correctly receive bonus damage for flanking enemies with their melee attack.
- Galadriel soundtrack trigger improved to fix the out-of-sync bug.

Graphical improvements
- Morgomir Ruin and Gloin Shake Foundation paralyze FX now match the effect duration.
- Haradrim Spearman attack animation is now synched up to the weapon timing.
- Dark Dunedian moving animation now plays at a natural speed.
- Tower Guards switch to their The Battle for Middle-Earth 1 model when using collector's edition.
- Enabled particle that was erroneously omitted from King Dain's Mighty Rage FX.
- Gondor Knights, Rohirrim, Elven/Haradrim Lancers and Knightsof Dol Amroth movement animation now play at their natural speed.

Faction specific balance changes

- Guardians
--- health cosmetically changed to 400 (from 300)
--- pierce resistance increased by +20%

- Khamul/Morgomir
--- can now set screech in auto-ability.
--- auto-ability Morgul Blade will now target monsters.
--- AI will be able to trigger mount and dismount properly.
--- now display the correct melee damage.
- Haradrim Lancers
--- Magic resistance changed to 100%/50% (from 200%/100%).
--- Specialist (pikeman damage) resistance changed to 150%/110% (from 150%/150%).
- Battle tower
--- Build cost reduced to 300 (from 400).
--- Bounty value set to 75 (from 0).

- Fissure now uses the armorset other units production structures do (FactoryArmor from StructureArmor).

- Theoden no longer moves 30% faster when ordered to attack.

With a subversion like 8.2, the changes aren't as sweeping as when big patches like v8 were released. That means we do not want to needlessly make everyone need to download a huge patch again. Therefore, you will download v8.2.0 on top of v8.0.0 or v8.0.1.

If you're new to the community and haven't played 2.02 before you will need to download v8 from our download page and then v8.2.0 in order to play with others online.

If you have any questions about the installation process we have a tech support here on Gamereplays but you can also join our Discord and ask in the #tech-support channel.

Enjoy and happy gaming!