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Basic Strategy Archive

By Forlong - 18th April 2010 - 17:04 PM

New to Competitive RotWK?

Then start here:

Gameplay Guidelines: General Strategic Aspects
Gameplay Guidelines: General Strategic Aspects is an introduction to RotWK gameplay written by JuanRing, recognized as the best RotWK player of all time. Juan explains the basics of Builders, structures, units, heroes, powers, and neutral lairs and structures, and how they all relate to general gameplay. This guide is strongly recommended for new RotWK players and is hosted on the 2.01 portal.
Read the guide...

Then read this:

The Golden Ten
This tip explains ten very important techniques for BFME II players, generally involving micromanagement. It is not possible to become a good player without mastering the techniques described here.
Read the guide...

Just new to 2.02?

Then start here:

An Introduction to 2.02
An Introduction to 2.02, is a ten minute guide that points out some major differences between 2.01 and 2.02 gameplay, both generally and specifically. We recommend you read this guide even before your first game of 2.02 to get started on the right foot.
Read the guide...

Then pick ONE of these:

When you first start playing, you need to pick one or two factions and stick with it in order to become good with it. Trying to play more than one or two factions will make it hard to become good.

2.01 to 2.02 Transition Guides
The seven 2.01 to 2.02 Transition Guides are short, faction-specific guides designed to get you up to speed on the main changes to that faction from 2.01 to 2.02 in ten minutes or less. After reading a Transition Guide for a faction you already understood in 2.01, you will be halfway to skillful use of that faction in 2.02 as well. These guides are strongly recommended for players who are in their first week or two of playing 2.02.
Read the guides...

Then read ONE of these...

For a full explanation of the stacking system...

2.02 Stacking Guide
This guide is an in-depth look at the stacking system of Leaderships and Buffs in 2.02. After reading this guide you'll thoroughly understand the rationale behind the stacking system, as well as how stacking works and the importance of stacking modifiers. Read either this full guide...
Read the guide...

For only what you need to know...

Stacking Made Simple
You cannot be a decent 2.02 player without at least somewhat understanding the stacking system, so this guide is strongly recommended for anybody who does not want to read the full stacking guide, and also does not want to suck at life.
Read the guide...

Then read our other guides.

Look through the General and faction-specific strategy archives (mouse over the Strategies tab above) and find guides of interest to you. Many of these guides detail essential tips and techniques.