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7.0.0 Teaser 2 - New Inn Units

By MauH˙R - 3rd September 2017 - 18:03 PM

We're reaaally close to the release of version 7.0.0, so to partially quench this unbridled excitement, we present the next teaser for this great upcoming patch.

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Inns' highly discussed and controversial status in RotWk will likely continue, as we definitely haven't been conservative with our Inn choices in version 7.0.0.

Men, Elves, Mordor and Isengard are going to have new Inn units that were previously left unused in the game files, but are now polished up and ready to join the battlefield!

Galadhrim Warriors

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Let's start with the new unit for Men of the West, the Galadhrim Warriors. While their v.6 counterparts, the Dunedain Rangers, were superior at range, the Galadhrim can toggle between sword and bow, giving you the possibility to harass with them as well. Their tankiness is slightly above that of Lorien Warriors and their ranged performance lies between that of Uruk Crossbows and Rangers.

---Build cost: 400
---Build time: 40s
---Health: 200
---Range: 350
---Damage 70

Default = 80%
Slash = 70%
Pierce = 50%
Specialist = 30%
Cavalry = 75%
Crush = 100%

Rohan Peasants

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The new Inn unit for Elves. A slightly tankier FoL version of Wildmen. Instead of Torches and Pillage they wield shields, serving as a meatshield unit for the relatively fragile Elvish infantry.

---Build cost: 150
---Build time: 25s
---Health: 150
---Damage: 50
---Shield upgrade cost: 150

Default = 100% (75% w. shields)
Slash = 100% (75% w. s.)
Pierce = 80% (55% w. s.)
Specialist = 25% (20% w. s.)
Crush = 150% (125% w. s.)

Haradrim Spearthrowers

IPB Image

These special guys, which some of you may remember from BfME2, have been revived and given a new place in RotWK as Mordor's Inn unit. Their name is pretty direct: they have pikes and they throw them, so they do extraordinarily well against cavalry and monsters from the distance, and are decent ranged support. Note, since they inflict pikemen (specialist) damage, they don't do as much damage vs. swordsmen as normal archers would.
Haradrim Spearthrowers also do decent damage against buildings and have a special skirmish formation that grants them +20% damage and reduces their armor by 20%.

---Build cost: 300
---Build time: 35s
---Health: 250
---Damage: 75
---Range: 275

Default = 85%
Slash = 100%
Pierce = 100%
Specialist = 85%
Crush = 50%
Cavalry = 25%

Black Orcs

IPB Image

We felt like Inn Wildmen for Isengard were stale and slightly redundant, so v.7 Isengard can recruit reinforcements from Mordor in form of Black Orcs. Both Mordor and Isengard Black Orcs have undergone an interesting buff in v.7: an increase in horde size from 12 to 15; and improved armor against trampling (75% from 90%).

---Buildcost: 250
---Buildtime: 25s
---Health: 225
---Damage: 70

Default = 80%
Slash = 80%
Pierce = 60%
Specialist = 30%
Crush = 75%
Cavalry = 165%

IPB Image

So, which factions do you think each Inn unit will be effective against? Could some be OP or not worth the money at all? Tell us your opinion here!