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A 7.0.0 Teaser - Shelob!

By MauH˙R - 30th August 2017 - 16:59 PM

The long awaited version 7.0.0 is finally nearing completion and a lot of great changes are coming with it.

In this series of short articles we wanna get you a little hyped and present to you a few of the most interesting ones, so everybody can already start theorycrafting new metas and strategies.

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Today's big change, which a lot of people have been looking forward to, concerns one of RotWK's most underused heroes:


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The Great Spider has been anything but great in the history of RotWK as her stats didn't quite allow Shelob to carry out the role that her unique abilities were meant to create for her. Also her recruit cost has always been too close to Gorkil's, who has always seemed like a more useful choice.

For version 7.0.0 we decided to close the big hero tier-gap between Shelob/Gorkil and Drogoth by increasing Shelob's cost to 3000, moving her to tier 4 and adjusting her stats accordingly:

--- splash damage increased to 20 (from 15);
--- health increased to 5000 (from 4500);
--- base damage increased to 350 (from 250)


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Not only have her stats improved, we also made her most unique ability, Tunnel, more powerful and easier to unlock. Combined with Shelob's improved tankiness, Tunnel is now more versatile, allowing The Great Spider to tunnel her way into direct assaults, perform tight escapes and surprise the opponent.

--- will now knock back enemies at the point of emergence;
--- recharge time decreased to 75s (from 90s);
--- now requires level 5 (was level 7).


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With Tunnel taking the level 5 slot, we decided to make Stinger her strongest ability. It now deals more overall damage, over a longer period of time:

--- now requires level 7 (was 4);
--- now deals 3750 damage (was 3000);
--- poison damage now continues to deal damage for 30s (cripple effect remains 15s)

Now there are plenty of ways to combine Shelob's abilities in order to maximize the damage and chaos you can cause on the battlefield. The video below shows one possible combination in order to quickly take out a light hero and parts of his vanguard:

How do you like the new Shelob? Do you think she's gonna be worth her cost or even be too strong?
Tell us your opinion here!

The next teaser will come soon...