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Rotwk Gaming Skill - Excalibur's Blog

By Excalibur - 27th May 2012 - 19:18 PM

There are some things about RotWK that players will never come into agreement. Things like which strategies are most effective against certain match-ups and situations, which is the best faction, who is the best player and generally anything that has to do with each player's knowledge and experience. But there is something that no one can deny. The Rise of the Witch-King needs skill.

On your first touch with the game nothing is spoon feed to you. The tutorial guides you through the very basics of the game so that you can simply start comprehending the gameplay of it. Nothing more. Everything else now is up to you to discover. And this is why the game is so great because from the very few games everyone starts to adapt on his own way of playing. You can realize at once that in this game the difference between two players skill level is obvious. But back on the first days, everyone started on the same level of being newbies. No one started and could already do what other players couldn't. Some had the time needed to improve.

But time is not also the main thing you're gonna need to improve on this game. Your are going to use your head as well to see how you can take advantage of all the features the game offers you because truth to be said, RotWK is in depth strategy game. The game offers you a lot of alternative options on every case. You can not simply fight a single battalion and expect the same result each time. Circumstances change each time and so does the battle between your forces. Even if your forces seem to be stronger, you may loose the battle if your opponent makes the right decisions are the right time or you in general making the bad choices. Choices like stances, how clumped your units are, what protection your lesser units have or the proper usage of the abilities you have at your disposal.

Because Rotwk is not a game where you can master it from one day to another. You need determination, training and plenty patience not to give up and keep practicing to become better. And probably there's no skill limit a player can get from this game. There are so many different things that you can improve that even a few seconds can be significant factors to your gameplay. After that you will have to unlock the secrets that lie behind this game in order to accomplish a competitive level. The more you play the better you can realize simple things that come to be very important to your strategies and tactics. It's an easy thing to reach to the basic level where most of the RotWK players are but it will be hell hard to surpass it and make the difference. But once you reach to that point there's nothing to stop you. Possibly you have discovered pretty much everything around RotWK and enhanced it to your games which will take years for most of your opponents to reach. Or even still is this case, you may still be wrong. Because as said, Rotwk has so many different things to master that even you might still not know them.

Even if you switch to another patch, anything will barely change. A difference in a unit's statistics will not stop you in beating other players familiar with those changes. Yes, it will take a few days to adapt to the new changes but that's all. The secrets of the game remain the same. Your hardcore gaming style that wins you even the most unexpected games will still remain.

And this is why most players are afraid to come back to this game. The inactivity of training in such a game can cause you great lack of consternation and reduce your skill by a fair amount. No one would like to return to something that he has already achieved in the past. Many wouldn't like the fact to be beaten by players they used to beat. Thus, whoever wishes to return to this game but don't want to be embarrassed by his skills compared to what they were in the past usually starts by smurfing. Otherwise, lesser players are usually proud of beating the most famous ones and becomes really annoying for them.

But this is how it should be. You can never be good on something if you don't keep doing it. And this is how RotWK is. Due to its unique gameplay anything can happen in-game. So even when you are on top of all of other players don't you ever think that there's no challenge for you. If you believe you are good, you will have to constantly prove it.

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