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ROTWK - 2.02 7.00 - 1v1 July Tournament - DE

By Mako - 12th June 2018 - 20:48 PM

Format: 1v1 Double Elimination
Patch: 2.02 7.0.0
Platform: GameRanger or T3A
Period: It start 27 June and last 22 July

Match Rules: 1000 Starting Resources; 1x Command Point Factor; No Custom Heroes; Standard Rules. All games are best of 3 except final that is best of 5.

You can pick whatever you want (a faction or random). You can play each kind of map in the Offical Tournament Rules. I post them here.

1v1 Maps:

1v1 MapsSizeCreepsNeutral Structures
Fords Isen375x3134x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn
Erech350x3502x Spider Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Signal Fire
Erech II320x3202x Troll Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn
Eryn Laer325x3754x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Signal Fire
Fangorn350x3502x Goblin Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn
Hollin350x3002x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Signal Fire
Midgewater370x3102x Spider Lair, 2x Troll Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn, 1x Signal Fire
Morthond Valley320x3802x Spider Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn
Old Forest360x3104x Spider Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Signal Fire
Rohan300x3004x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Outpost, 2x Signal Fire, 2x Tower
Rohan II300x3002x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn
Tombs of Karna380x3804x Goblin Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn, 1x Signal Fire
Tryn Gorthad370x3207x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn
West Emnet313x3752x Troll Lair2x Inn, 1x Signal Fire
Westfold375x3252x Goblin Lair, 4x Warg Lair, 1x Troll Lair1x Inn, 2x Signal Fire

The on-host player must pick the map. The 3rd (or 5th) match (if one is necessary) will be played on Ford of Isen and on Neutral Host

Match Organisation: It is up to each player to find out their opponent using Challonge, contact them (referring to the Sign-Up & Tracking Topic) and get their matches under way. Is important for us track the capability of a player to find his opponent.
You must play your games within the specified month. Month will be splitted in sessions. You and your opponent should decide which days of session n░# your games are to be played. Number of sessions depends on the total number of participants.

For example: If there are 32 players, the first match (round of 32) must be played during the 1st session. Roundo of 16 then have to be played during the 2nd session, the Quarter Finals during the 3rd session, the Semifinals in the 4th session and the final in the 5th session.
Session will be (if we are more than 16 players) like these:
  • You must complete your 1st session before 01.07.2018 23:59
  • You must complete your 2nd session before 08.07.2018 23:59
  • You must complete your 3rd session before 15.07.2018 23:59
  • You must complete your 4th session before 22.07.2018 23:59
  • The final and battle for the 3rd place will be take place on 29.07.2018

Refrees and Organizers will judge who should proceed to the next round if 2 players are unable to play each other.

There is a difference from the normal single elimination. You have to lose 2 times to be out of the tournament.
If you win your game you will pass at the next round. But if you lose, you have to play at least another game. You are in the bracket of the looser that allow you another chance to get final. But this time if you lose another time you are out of the game. Being this a new modality to compete i'm not sure how we can schedule well sessions. So be patient and try to find each other.
Check how Double Elimination works here and see this video below

Prizes: A monetary victory prize is not guaranteed and we are keeping search moneys to support tourneys.

Help us with your donations!

However, the Tournament Winner Award is up for grabs. Winners will also be listed in Hall of Champions. 4 points will be given to the winner, 2 to the runner-up and 1 to the third winner.
All participants who play their matches before they are eliminated (including those who win the tournament) will be given 1 additional point in Black & White List.
Having more points allows you to play future tournaments over other players who have fewer points.
You will also lose 1 point in Black & White List should you leave the tournament before elimination.
Replays: Please save all replays and upload them in the Replays Section with an appropriate title: (I.e. "XvsY Tournament Round 16", " XvsY Tournament Quarter Finals"). If you fail to do so, you may be asked to re-play your games. All decisions will be made by Referees or Organizers. Worst of cases you could be eliminated from tourney.

Registration: (Closes at 20:00 (GMT) 26 July 2018)
You must post your Game Ranger ID and name in the Sign-Up & Tracking Topic.
Refer to the Challonge site to view your opponents using the link provided once the registration period has closed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Refrees or Organizers:
Mako - ID: 6078903