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Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Vs. Rise of the Witch-king - Excalibur's Blog

By Excalibur - 28th February 2013 - 18:03 PM

Seeing as players always argue about those two games with many opinions like they are completely different, I gathered as much as possible info I could from both sides and decided to write this blog expressing this time my opinion which I never stated on the public forums.

Below is an opinion of a player who has never played 1.6 and generally bfme2 online. That player is me. When I was given the chance to play online I already had Rotwk, thus I moved there at once. I played bfme2 on the very first patch of the game, the 1.04. When I expanded to Rotwk, there wasn't any difference apart from the new features of the expansion. Someone can easily say that a player like me has played Bfme2 and Rotwk on the same patch. As it was inevitable, for me there wasn't any reason to play bfme2 since it didn't offer anything more than Rotwk did.

The 1.04 patch which was the respective of the 2.00 of Rotwk was sometimes unplayable. Many major bugs and imbalances were ruining the game making it impossible to play a decent game. Hard match-ups were dominating on the game leaving with barely any solution than being defeated. So EA decided to patch bfme2. And this is were pretty much things started to get complicated. EA released an official patch for Bfme2, the 1.05 (which was produced by GR) which brought a lot of controversial changes to the game. The 1.05 was such a huge patch that it completely changed basically every aspect of the game. While Rotwk was developed and eventually released on the previous Bfme2 patch as we all know, the buggy one.

Also, with the release of the 1.06 which made its appearance before the expansion, many players were willing to give it a shot. Although again, not perfectly balanced, the game was in much better state that it was previously. Soon after, Rotwk was also released. Everyone would hope that it would be based on the latest bfme2 patch. I mean that's how it's regularly done but it wasn't. Since Rotwk was based on the original patch with so many bugs and imbalances players were not willing to upgrade. It was like returning to something they were trying to avoid. But why EA based Rotwk on such a patch? All they managed to do is breaking the community into two battle fields. Those who supported Bfme2 and those who supported Rotwk.

I keep reading plenty comments that Rotwk is inferior to Bfme2. I really started wondering how come players reach to that conclusion. What does Bfme2 has that Rotwk doesn't? Why players still prefer to play it instead of simply upgrading to an expanded version of it? At first yes, you could simply say that the Rotwk was based on a very bad patch, much different than Bfme2. But then again how can say such thing after the community started patching it? Rotwk reached on a very satisfied level both in terms of balance and bugs. It must be the the history of the game that mostly made you hate it even after the unofficial 2.02.

From the time I spent on the forums, I think that players got used to the Bfme2 that they didn't want to try the differences of Rotwk. Thus, they sticked to that patch just because the were already familiar with it and preferred it over Rotwk for their own reasons. That would be actually fine. What wouldn't be fine is still claiming that the patch of Rotwk is worse simply because you prefer the one of Bfme2. Let's not forget that 2.02 is just a remake of the very first patch released on the Bfme2 and Rotwk.

Now Angmar would raise another anti fan community of being an imaginary faction that hasn't anything in common with the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies. Bfme1 was completely based on the movies so it was perfectly transporting you in the movies. That started to fade with Bfme2 already not with Rotwk. Since they started to add elements from the books most of the things were imaginary. Rohan, one of the main representatives of the movies was nearly out-shadowed by Gondor. Men, Isenagrd and Mordor managed to stay in the atmosphere of the movies but Dwarves, Goblins and even Elves were nearly something totally new. Angmar as itself was a part of the Middle-Earth in which it was the homeland of the Witch-King. Maybe the Angmar factions comes a bit out of the question but if you follow the campaign of it you will get a very nice idea how it was forged.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize the fact that both games have the same Gameplay. You are not playing a different game, you are playing the same game on a different patch which means that the main concept of the game remains the same. You gather resources, you recruit units and basically you do everything on the same way. A patch can not simply like that change the Gameplay of a game. What changes is the strategy. Units, buildings, heroes, and pretty much everything have their statistics changed which force you to make different choices between those games. If you are familiar with one of those games, you won't have trouble adapting on the other one.

To conclude, I want to make myself perfectly clear I am not a Bfme2 hater like many would think right now simply because I do not hate the same game I love. I know exactly the differences between those 2 games. Rotwk is an expansion and that's all. It already offers me everything of Bfme2 and much more and that's why I prefer it, not because of U2.02. Had Rotwk been based on the DC patch and Bfme2 on the 2.02 patch I would still play Rotwk.

By any means this is not a Blog to force you move to RotWk or something. It's your free will to play whatever you want. Both Bfme2 and Rtowk were destructive games on the official patches. But now with the unofficial patches I think it would help you rethink that there's no reason to hate Rotwk. Hating each other's preferable game is the easiest way of supporting your own game but it's also the worst and wrong way of doing it.

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