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Rise of the Witch-king 2.02 League

By Excelsior - 21st July 2020 - 23:03 PM

You've heard of the Premier League.

You love the NFL.

Get ready for the next best thing...

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Over the past months, community member StrayHeart and the 2.02 team have worked hard on our new competitive platform: RotWK League. Despite the great clanwars months we had this year, I think it has become clear to many players that Clanwars has severe flaws that can't really be solved.

That's why we present: RotWK 2.02 League.

It has a better point system, and just like clanwars: a month based format. However, performance statistics are also tracked on a permanent ladder.

RotWK League has many additional features making it superior to clanwars:
- Single click game reporting
- Automatic faction detection
- Automatic replay uploading
- Full control by the 2.02 team to implement any features the community wants

To get an idea what it looks like, this is a screenshot of the "player history" page:

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If you want to participate, please click on the button below!

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Misc questions

Whenever patch 8.4 releases, hopefully in August.

League supports 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. However, there are no (fixed) clans. Still, you can team up with your friends using clan tags if you prefer playing together.

Map pool
Every map is allowed as long as both players agree to it. Unknown maps will be shown as a generic "unknown map".

No rules are enforced by the system. However, please keep in mind common courtesy guidelines of RotWK:

1. Alternate between playing onhost and offhost.
2. If a 1v1 series ends with an uneven number of onhost and offhost matches, schedule a future date to complete the series.
3. Alternate between picking a map and letting the opponent pick.
4. Report your losses straight after playing while the score screen is showing.

2.02 integration
We developed a new and improved Replay Tool which will be automatically installed for you after upgrading to 8.4. This is the only app you should use to report your games (the old replay parser is not valid anymore).

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